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Tea Leaf &Tarot Reader - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 109
Kelowna | BC | Canada
(3 reviews)

Tanya Lester, BA and master tea leaf reader, does tea leaf readings (note: When she does long distance tea leaf readings, she drinks the cup of loose leaf tea while meditating on the seeker/client and when the reading time begins, she 'sees' pictures in the leaves that open her intuition and in this way tells the seeker/client what ...

Profile Photo for dweigold


Professional Development and ADHD Coach
Falcon | CO | United States
(6 reviews)

IT'S ABOUT TIMEI work with adults and college students with ADHD so that they can develop new skills to better manage their time, get started, avoid procrastination and to develop a better positive self-image. I work with leaders with ADHD, people making a career change or want to improve their results at work and for those who just ...

Profile Photo for nishalall


Tarot Reader, Healer, Coach, Mentor
Mumbai | MAH | India
(2 reviews)

Are you on the path of self-realisation and personal development? If not, do you want to start that particular journey but don’t know where to begin? There are myriad tools available out there to support you in this quest and one such tool is the TAROT. More and more people are seeking ways to blend inner and outer realities ...

Profile Photo for brinksl


Life & Leadership Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 117
Lake Charles | Louisiana | United States
(7 reviews)

Are you trying to discover your life purpose? Are in you in conflict with your inner self? Do you wonder what you innate gifts are? Are you searching for meaning within your life? I believe that amongst many reasons, the one reason for the discomfort you are experiencing is that you haven’t discovered who you really are.  What your ...

Profile Photo for coachpauline


Certified Life Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 118
Sacramento | California | United States
(5 reviews)

Some people fake orgasms. Do you fake happiness? Are you filled with self-doubt, uncertainties, or overwhelmed by the challenges of your daily life?   Collaborating with a sensitive, empathic, heart-centered coach is a focused way to grow into your magnificence! You are the architect of the life you desire, and I can help.  Shouldn't you make today be that beginning ...

Profile Photo for kirstinodonovan


Productivity Coach and Author
Madrid | Other | Spain
(6 reviews)

 Kirstin O’Donovan is a Productivity Coach, author and founder of TopResults Coaching. She helps individuals to get more organized to achieve their business goals successfully. She works with her clients to increase productivity, overcome obstacles, develop key skills and a mindset geared for success.

Profile Photo for jcoolcash11


Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Career Coach
Chandler | Az | United States
(3 reviews)

Yes, I CAN HELP.  Whether your problem is personal, professional or concerning a relationship, I can help.  Simply click on the chat button to get started today or email me to set up an appointment. I have coached hundreds of individuals over the years.  My training began in corporate America for fortune five hundred companies.  Now I am a freelance ...

Profile Photo for drzannah


Encinitas | California | United States
(3 reviews)

Zannah Hackett is the Founder of The Y.O.U. Consulting Group, The Y.O.U. Institute, and innovator of The Ultimate Life Tool technology. She is an author, educator, speaker, relationship technologist and executive life advisor. Her career experience, education and research during the last 30 years has focused primarily on the nature of the human being and the ...

Profile Photo for amorahross


Woodinville | WA | United States
(4 reviews)

Have you ever... ...awakened in the middle of the night, tearing your hair about a relationship or situation in which you felt ineffective and wondered how to get through it with your sanity [and your hair] intact? ...felt sick and tired of being in a relationship in which you don’t feel respected or treated as an equal partner? ...been ...

Profile Photo for servando


Mexico City | Mexico City | Mexico
(3 reviews)

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Profile Photo for angelojohn


United States
(3 reviews)

I am a coach, consultant, and organizational development practitioner who specializes in helping individuals, teams and systems achieve higher levels of effectiveness. As a coach, I specialize in working with leaders, emerging leaders, and high-potential employees. As a consultant, my work focuses on team effectiveness, group problem solving, and community building.  

Profile Photo for maprov


Certified business coach / VP Operations
Montreal | Qu├ębec | Canada
(2 reviews)

25 years of administrative management experience in major financial institutions, covering Property and Casualty insurance, Money and Annuity products and Life insurance. As designated officer for Quebec, represents the company on various industry and government committees, as well as acting as the prime Quebec administrative executive for a variety of captive and open distribution networks in retail markets. In the ...

Profile Photo for ruthmott


Executive Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 119
PORTSMOUTH | New Hampshire | United States
(8 reviews)

My name is Ruth Mott and for 18 years I have been successfully coaching executives, consultants, and individuals - from Fortune 500 companies to technology start-ups - to make the high stakes decisions necessary for their success. You now need to make some high-stakes decisions. You need to be strategic, innovative, and feel more in charge of your next moves. Helping you ...

Profile Photo for cindyschulson


United States
(3 reviews)

Cindy Schulson simplifies marketing for coaches and other solopreneurs so they can attract their favorite clients, earn more and market less. Cindy uses an artful combination of her analytical skills and intuition to help her clients focus, share and package their unique gifts. Cindy has worked in strategic communications for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa, and has spoken at ...

Profile Photo for ameierhoefer


Catalyst for helping others to success
Santa Fe | New Mexico | United States
(2 reviews)

AMC LLC provides Business and other forms of coaching with the aim to help individuals to find a path that leads to their vision and realizatin of the hopes for the future. In addition AMC offers program management, facilitation, academic support as wells as lecturing and teaching at undergraduate and graduate level universities. We also offer professional facilitation of innovation ...

Profile Photo for ericaklein


LinkedIn Business and Career Coach
New York | NY | United States
(1 reviews)

 LinkedIn Business Coaching and Career Counseling for Individuals, Coaches and Companies LinkedIn Profile and Company Page Writing Building and Leveraging Your Network for Career or Sales Success Request your free 15-minute Discovery Session today by clicking on the blue button. As seen recently on, LinkedIn Business and Career Coaching generates immediate results and income for you -- including improved ...

Profile Photo for Carol_Ann_MacArthur


Life Coach
Calgary | Alberta | Canada
(1 reviews)

I specialize in coaching people who really want a happier life and are willing to explore what prevents them from being happy now. My approach is to help you develop an awareness of your thoughts and actions, your choices and results. We will explore how your thoughts and emotions affect your well-being. You can make shifts in your perception or ...

Profile Photo for leonvdp


Business Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 120
Richmond | BC | Canada
(3 reviews)

As a personal coach I help people uncover and accomplish the goals in their life, resulting in them living a more fulfilled and happy life full of self-confidence.As a business coach I help business professionals to reach the success they aspire to, and entrepreneurs to create the successful enterprise they have always envisioned. Last, but not least, I am ...

Profile Photo for nextlevelcoach1


Trainer / Consultant / Performance Coach
San Francisco | CA | United States
(3 reviews)

Professional Coach and Trainer, US & International, based in San Francisco, CA. Sales Management, Leadership, Presentation Skills/Stretegic Messaging.

Profile Photo for coachkerri


Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach
Los Angeles | CA | United States
(9 reviews)

I am open to coaching whomever needs guidance and motivation independent of sexual orientation or gender. Learn how to tap into the unlimited potential within. Get the tools and skills to learn how your intuition reveals the path to follow, wake up from being on auto pilot as you travel through your life experience. I integrate spirituality and the laws ...

Profile Photo for marianna


New York | New York | United States
(3 reviews)

Founder/Executive Director of Goal Imagery® Institute (provider of coaching & hypnosis certification trainings, and other professional development programs) Two-time President of the International Coach Federation (ICF), New York City Chapter President of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT),  New York City Chapter The first expert invited to introduce coaching and hypnosis at the world-renowned Smithsonian Institution at 2 sold-out ...

Profile Photo for beverly


(6 reviews)

Beverly works from her home with an online business, while caring for her 7 -yr-old granddaughter.  She also speaks and does seminars for the public and for corporations in the areas of healthy lifestyles, stress, public speaking, and abuse.  She  works part-time as a counsellor at a Women's Transition Home for Women and Children fleeing domestic violence.  She is ...

Profile Photo for drjessicablalock


Executive Coach
Atlanta | GA | United States
(4 reviews)

  I specialize in coaching executives in corporations, entrepreneurs and mental health professionals.

Profile Photo for catherinesternberg


Strategy Coach for Individuals and Business Owners
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
(3 reviews)

For over 30 years Catherine Sternberg has been actively involved in personal development as a corporate trainer, an educator in continuing education, a strategy coach and as a student of continuous learning. Her training focuses both on personal and career development. Catherine’s clients discover from her tele-classes, webinars, mastermind programs, one-on-one and group coaching how to focus on their ...

Profile Photo for janicedrescher


Business & Life Coach
Forestville | CA | United States
(2 reviews)

  Janice Drescher has over 20 years experience as a consultant, executive coach and trainer, helping business owners and leaders acquire and implement the tools and skills needed to fulfill their business vision. She has worked with hundreds of clients, to build strong foundations in the areas of marketing, management, operations, finance, and people development. Janice combines creativity, passion and expertise ...

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