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Business Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 120
Richmond | BC | Canada
(3 reviews)

As a personal coach I help people uncover and accomplish the goals in their life, resulting in them living a more fulfilled and happy life full of self-confidence.As a business coach I help business professionals to reach the success they aspire to, and entrepreneurs to create the successful enterprise they have always envisioned. Last, but not least, I am ...

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Vancouver | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

My name is Wallace Murray and I help create successful businesses. I do this by using several proven systems, The Momentum Growth Training System for beginning entrepreneurs, and the Hot100 Best Practices Program for companies that are ready for some serious growth. Here is how I help: 1. I use powerful systems that work. They are proven and get results ...

Profile Photo for davidgass


Business Coach | Online Strategy Consultant
Meridian | ID | United States
Confirmed Profile

David is a Business Coach and Consultant David is a business coach and small business consultant who pulls from his experience as a serial entrepreneur to coach other small business owners.  He has successfully started two businesses from an idea and created multi-millions in revenue, then successfully sold the companies when they were still very successful. It's very rare ...

Profile Photo for ThinkLongTerm


Coaching for Change Agents
Mississauga | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I offer help and sound business advice to people who consider themselves Change Agents - people whose intent is to bring positive changes. If you are willing to expand your perspective in order to discover the long term implications of your business, career and personal decisions, then I am committed to thoroughly analyze your unique situation and to develop effective strategy ...

Profile Photo for kairo2013


Albuquerque | New Mexico | United States
Confirmed Profile

What my company does is work with business owners, people like yourself, helping them to maximize their business success.  Most of our clients are companies with sales under $5 million dollars per year.  Our objective is simple - provide the business with more money, and the business owner with control over time and employees so they can do more with what ...

Profile Photo for wbisnetwork


Founder Women Building & Investing in Success
Chantilly | VA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Sheila embodies what it means to be a professional business woman in the 21st century. When she received her BSBA from Duquense University years ago, she could not have predicted that her roles would include Business Owner for multiple businesses, speaker, thought leader, entrepreneur, founder, visionary, wife and mother – all at the same time! Today she wears all of those ...

Profile Photo for richwriting


Portland | OR | United States
Confirmed Profile

Harness your personal brilliance so you grab attention, drive action, get results. Susan Rich is a word-craft & marketing coach who helps you discover how today's marketing advice is tomorrow's revenue. Susan transforms you from Who are you? to There you are!It all comes down to the benefits of choosing you.

Profile Photo for doughecker


Founder & President
Scottsdale | Arizona | United States
Confirmed Profile

Sales & Marketing Consultant at 2 Excel Now ★ Kolbe Certified Consultant ★ Business Coach ★ Scottsdale Business Wealth Club Mentor Now You Can Increase Sales, Get More Customers / Clients, & Have a Thriving Profitable Business with More Time to Do What You Do Best.I am a small business & retail expert consultant. I help business owners, retailers, and manufacturers who struggle with increasing customer ...

Profile Photo for gowithbart


Performance Consultant & Life Coach
Etobicoke | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Management and Sales professional with a collaborative, creative and authentic approach to leading change, personal and professional development that focuses on the return on investment for all stakeholders. Consistently demonstrates the ability to deliver results in unionized, non-unionized and not-for-profit environments. Recognized as an energetic, charismatic individual with relentless personal commitment, strong problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills.

Profile Photo for rebeccacoach


Wizard of Good - Business Coach for Do-Gooders
Madison | TN | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a Do-Gooder whose purpose is to help others find their Good, and then support them as they make the changes they need to in order to bring more of their Good into the world through their career, business or organization. This is my crusade, my mission, and my path. And I am loving every minute of it!

Profile Photo for cviszlai


Executive and Leadership Coach
Vernon | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I believe that coaching is the catalyst that can help anyone acheive breakthrough results!   I work with executives, leaders and business teams who are ready to challenge their staus quo, break away from mediocrity and discover the keys to more effective working relationships and optimal performance.  My approach will help you to: Clarify your values, your vision and define the ...

Profile Photo for wilmmcc


Certified Business Coach and Stategist
Stockbridge | Georgia | United States
Confirmed Profile

"My mission is to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, experts and service professionals bundle up your gifts, talents, wisdom, experiences into a business model that gives you the freedom to be true to yourself in a big way, to contribute to others in meaning ways, and to prosper and to profit as an outcome of the difference you make. My purpose ...

Profile Photo for bvalibouse


Executive Coach & Owner, Metasens
Paris | Ile-de-France | France
Confirmed Profile

"To help executives to balance finance and human factors, to allow people, teams and organisations to create a deep meaning in their challenges and to empower managers into successfully achieving Business Excellence is my daily mission".

Profile Photo for kevinweir


Certified Business Coach
Spokane Valley | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I started my coaching life in 1997 as a Career Advisor/Coach for the largest and oldest career management and marketing firm, where I honed my skills on coaching individuals to market themselves in career transition. Soon many of my clients wanted to buy or start their own business, and I started to coach them. When they started massive results ...

Profile Photo for mjkkissinger


Business Doctor- Business Development Director
Daly City | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Michael Kissinger   The Business Doctor Helping Companies Attract More Clients and Win More New Business San Francisco Bay Area Business Development and Management Coaching Current Business Development Director at Reitenbach Institute Managing Director at Profit Builders Inc. Past Program Training Professional at San Francisco Veteran Resource Center Business Development Director at Swords to Plowshares Business Development Director at Vietnam Veterans ...

Profile Photo for sdavca


Morrisburg | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Senior level executive with extensive, finance, administration, IT and human resource experience in diverse industries such as healthcare, consulting services, and financial services in both private and public sectors. Proven ability to improve operations, impact business growth and maximize profits through achievements in finance management, cost reductions, internal controls and process improvements. Strong qualification in strategic management, business planning, system ...

Profile Photo for bkktim


Ho Chi Minh City | Ho Chi Minh City | Viet Nam
Confirmed Profile

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT EXECUTIVE   Entrepreneurial Leadership — Business Development — Life & Business Coach – Networking Specialist

Profile Photo for dorothyned


Change Management Consultant
Phoenix | AZ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, has 30+ years providing personal and professional development and peak performance. In addition - she serves as Treasurer on the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors - (2006 - present). She served on the Board of Directors (2000 - 2008) 2 years as President on the International Association for Regression Research and Therapist.  She mentors and empowers executives ...

Profile Photo for jennifermartin


Business Consultant
San Francisco | CALIFORNIA (CA) | United States
Confirmed Profile

Are you tired of NOT getting the results you want? Do you want to connect with more customers or clients? Do you want to be one of those companies that triples its revenues this year? Are you interested in growing your business but your current responsibilities keep bogging you down? If you are ready to partner with a business development ...

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