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Profile Photo for coachtiko


Faith Strategist | Speaker | Certified Life Coach
Norcross | Georgia | United States
(4 reviews)

As a F.A.I.T.H. Strategist, I support women in overcoming their fears, finding their purpose, and developing the F.A.I.T.H. in themselves to carry out their life’s calling.

Profile Photo for mccormick


Marketing Mentor for Entrepreneurs
Winnipeg | MB | Canada
(2 reviews)

 I believe we all deserve to have not only a successful life but a satisfying, enriching and fulfilling one. And I'm incredibly blessed to have found work that allows me to inspire others to reach for that as well.

Profile Photo for davidgass


Business Coach | Online Strategy Consultant
Meridian | ID | United States
Confirmed Profile

David is a Business Coach and Consultant David is a business coach and small business consultant who pulls from his experience as a serial entrepreneur to coach other small business owners.  He has successfully started two businesses from an idea and created multi-millions in revenue, then successfully sold the companies when they were still very successful. It's very rare ...

Profile Photo for dailylifeforme


Certified Life Coach
Westminster | Maryland | United States
Confirmed Profile

Are you feeling "Stuck?" You want to move forward but it seems like "stuff" is always getting in the way. Maybe, you just need support with changing limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living the life you deserve. Whatever the case may be, I want great things for you.Your Success is My Reason! As your Life Coach, I ...

Profile Photo for rebeccacoach


Wizard of Good - Business Coach for Do-Gooders
Madison | TN | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a Do-Gooder whose purpose is to help others find their Good, and then support them as they make the changes they need to in order to bring more of their Good into the world through their career, business or organization. This is my crusade, my mission, and my path. And I am loving every minute of it!

Profile Photo for JumpStartJim


Celebrity Jump Start Coach and Resultant
Las Vegas | Nevada | United States
Confirmed Profile

Jump Start Jim is The World's Only "Celebrity Jump Start" Coach and Resultant for The Impatient Entrepreneur. His 1-on-1 and small group coaching and mastermind programs teach Coaches, Authors, and Small Business Professionals “How to Get a Celebrity Jump Start” and Design The Ultimate Lifestyle Business. He is a proud father to 3 amazing children and ecstatically married to ...

Profile Photo for tmcintosh


Broomfield | CO | United States
Confirmed Profile

Through a very specific system of consulting, mentoring, and coaching, I help small business owners: Set up your business to be profitable Reduce overwhelm Create systems so you spend less time working Discover new ways to attract clients Balance work and fun Stop thinking like an employee By providing guidance and accountability

Profile Photo for abbygooch


Intuitive Success Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Author
San Diego | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Life Force Connection is an accredited coaching certification school and personal development center located in San Diego, CA with programs available online internationally. We specialize in Intuitive Coaching through our signature process to help our clients and students achieve their highest potential through the release of negative perceptions and alignment with their greatness and true authentic self.  

Profile Photo for iqassoc1


Plymouth | Massachusetts | United States
Confirmed Profile

"A basic human need is to learn and grow. This process takes us down many paths.At times we cannot clearly see how life events and new experiences come together to make us whole.These events and experiences are sometimes profound and at other times they are subtle.We carry them around with us because they are too precious to ...

Profile Photo for kathyhadley


Life Coach
Wichita | KS | United States
Confirmed Profile

My job is to help you to get back on track. We all need support and encouragement sometimes and we certainly need to know how to keep confident in the face of life's challenges. I am motivated and enthusiastic in my approach to helping you achieve your goals.  Whether you need more self confidence, organization, more money, help in ...

Profile Photo for davidselley


Hilo | Hawaii | United States
Confirmed Profile

A native "Brit" I have a very broad and diverse background ranging from senior management positons in the cosmetic industry to REAL hands on entreprenurial activity including creating and owning many businesses such as restaurants, mail order, and a criminal college. My single biggest life plus is that I have been married over 50 years ( to the same lady- please ...

Profile Photo for kimbles


Transformation Coach
Durban | KZN | South Africa
Confirmed Profile

Kim Knight encourages and offers the right support for you to take control of your life by succeeding at changing all-too familiar limiting beliefs and sabotaging patterns of behavior to a desired attitude and success story so great in your professional personal life that you will wonder why you did not start coaching sooner.  

Profile Photo for dougholt


Santa Barbara | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Even as a young boy, Doug would set up small business ventures to make extra money and enjoyed both the creative and analytical processes that entrepreneurship brought out of him. “I’ve always enjoyed the creative process that comes with being a businessman. When I’m asked why I choose to work so much, I tell people it’s just ...

Profile Photo for braveheartwomen


Marietta | Georgia  | United States
Confirmed Profile

Adrienne MacDonald is a global leader in consciousness, and an internationally vibrational coach, author, BraveHeart Woman Resonator and natural empath.Her message is a guidepost of inviting each person to remember who he or she really are, so they can embrace the miracle and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be. She empowers individuals ...

Profile Photo for hballou


Blacksburg | Virginia | United States
Confirmed Profile

Now is the time to stop accepting mediocrity and install the DNA of excellence through becoming a high functioning leader and team that creates successful tracks toward massive sustainable profitability. Hugh Ballou cuts through all the BS lingo and theory taught by other consultants. He instead gets straight to the bottom of what’s really going on in your enterprise ...

Profile Photo for 3phscoach


Holistic Solopreneur Coach
Beaverton | OR | United States
Confirmed Profile

I'm a holistic small business coach who recognizes that you are your business and to work on business without working on the person (or vice versa) only solves half the issue. I show small business owners how to step into their power, rekindle their passion(s) and open themselves to possibility by disconnecting Oughta-Pilots and living created lives.

Profile Photo for todaysmiracles


Certified Professional Coach
auburn | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Shane Belceto inspires others and coaches you to be and do more. Loves anything and everything Mickey Mouse, working with teens and youth of all ages, leading and working on mission trips world wide, and energeticly skipping arround the globe while helping others. Shane will always be a kid at heart and puts his heart fully into all he does ...

Profile Photo for darnold


Certified Executive Life Coach
Tampa Bay | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

What do Captain Jacques Cousteau, the Dalai Lama and the Emperor of Japan have in Common? All of the newsworthy notables above have played a part of the amazing career of Douglas Arnold. From those stellar experiences (and many more) Arnold’s coaching taps life insights and intelligent lessons in executive development, organizational advancement, successful communications and how to effectively ...

Profile Photo for avf4iglc


Business Coaching/Trainer/Change Mngmt
Confirmed Profile

In addition to being a Certified Trainer, Licensed Trainer for the Possibility of Woman course, Life Development Coach in Communications and experienced national and international facilitator who has worked with hundreds of clients,  She began her training in the fall of 1988 when she attended the Design Your Life workshop, which was the basis for The Listening Course and the ...

Profile Photo for croesus2000


Certified Business & Certified Franchise Coach
Ledgewood | NJ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Inspirance: Inspiring confidence & believabilityInspirance has 2 divisions helping business owners from start up through Executive Team Development.  Each division has been strategically developed to help maximize the results for their members. Sunrise Business Advisors is our division created to help business owners who are ready to maximize and leverage their business for superior results.  Through a variety of programs ...

Profile Photo for drkwood


License Clinical Psychologist, Certified Coach
Portland | ME | United States
Confirmed Profile

Hello! In my practice I focus on working with clients who are either diagnosed or suspect they may have ADHD or another learning difference. I love working with clients who are looking for a coach to help them learn about their unique ADHD makeup and how they can have more success in life. . Coaching and Motivational Interviewing strategies can help ...

Profile Photo for adhdmastercoachtom


ADHD Master Coach
Pittsburgh | Pa | United States
Confirmed Profile

Tom helps people all over the world easily and quickly overcome and master ADHD/ADD!  He has done it himself being over 14 years symptom and meds free, and helps adults and families do the same through the Overcome ADHD Mastery System he has developed!  He has worked with hundreds of clients, and can very effectively help you to master ...

Profile Photo for jennifermartin


Business Consultant
San Francisco | CALIFORNIA (CA) | United States
Confirmed Profile

Are you tired of NOT getting the results you want? Do you want to connect with more customers or clients? Do you want to be one of those companies that triples its revenues this year? Are you interested in growing your business but your current responsibilities keep bogging you down? If you are ready to partner with a business development ...

Profile Photo for lifecoaching


Personal And Professional Empowerment Life Coach
Raleigh | North Carolina | United States
Confirmed Profile

Entrepreneur, Life Ehancement, and Career Coach, empowering people to succeed in their personal and professional lives.Sylviane Helps people to create an entrepreneurial mindset, and assist those who want to quit their job into achieving their goals successfully.She helps grow and maintain self confidence, and top performance for career people who want increase their overall success and income.She ...

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