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Profile Photo for luznjoe


Orlando | Fl | United States
Confirmed Profile

Luz is an accomplished Coach, Published Author, articulate Nurse Clinical Educator, Educational Care Manager, HealthAdvocate, Consultant, Speaker, and RN with 33+ years success as a “driving force’ in healthcare and health education, meeting challenges, setting standards and generating improvements through system changes and thorough training. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Co-uthor of: “No Winner Ever Got There Without a COACH ...

Profile Photo for xavier.bruce


Academic and Life Coach
Bellbrook | OH | United States
Confirmed Profile

Who do I coach?  Post-graduate students who are struggling in the dissertation phase of their doctorate program.  You may be: Frustrated with the inconsistent feedback that you're receiving from professors; Confused on which topic, methodology, data collection tool, or data analysis technique to use; Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually drained by your life circumstances to the point that you're ...

Profile Photo for tiffany.bueno1


Life Coach
Round Lake, IL | 60073 | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a Life Coach based in Chicago, IL.  I help people who feel depressed, stressed out, overwhelmed, and overall feeling low in their everyday life.  I help people get out of their low self-esteem based on their everyday life situations and environment.  With my help, you will embrace the change in your life with no regret and with the ...

Profile Photo for spppc


Trainer and Consultant
Lisbon | Portugal | Portugal
Confirmed Profile

I am a professional Trainer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Within the scope of my seminars, I travel internationally, most recently to Angola and Lebanon. My training is focused on Business Etiquette, Protocol, Cross Cultural Communication, Professional Image, Event Management and Executive Secretariat. I like to work in culturally diverse environments and I can deliver my training seminars both publicly and ...

Profile Photo for coachclifton


Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
Brooklyn | NY | United States
Confirmed Profile

Sandra is a certified coach in Social & Emotional Intelligence, trained at Yale University, who motivaties and inspires clients to achieve new professional goals and increased personal happiness through the tools of positive psychology.

Profile Photo for trustingourinnerlightwithlaura


Chi/Vibrational Healing, Inner Light Awareness
Bloomingdale | IL | United States
Confirmed Profile

I support youth and adults to seek their Inner Light and become aware of the chi (subtle life flow/prana/ki) that moves within our being. This chi helps us to easily recognize inner blocks and dissolve upset (removing blocks to the awareness of our Inner Light). As a vibrational awareness coach/practitioner and Inner Light speaker, I share the ...

Profile Photo for eihunter


Northville | Michigan | United States
Confirmed Profile

E.I. Hunter, PhD coaches individuals (of all ages) who are ready to create positive changes in their lives, want to start dreaming big, and be in relationships they are proud of. She deals with relationships (individual and couples), goal-setting, and all things academic. You will work personally with E.I. Hunter to achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals ...

Profile Photo for nnhutchinson11


Life Coach and Independent Educational Consultant
Baldwin | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

My name is Nicole Henningham. I am a life coach specializing in Christian/Spritual counseling and Educational Consultation.

Profile Photo for esthercoroneldeiberkleid


The Clarity Mentor and Life Changing Coach
La Paz | La Paz | Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Confirmed Profile

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia.  She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and NLP.  She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach and Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Esther offers specific tools and guidance toward Clarity, Confidence and Self-esteem to men and women feeling they lost their “course”, w ...

Profile Photo for yzzack


California City | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Trained Educator and Substance Abuse/Addictive Behavior Counselor

Profile Photo for noellia2


Chicago | Illinois | United States
Confirmed Profile

I have studied various sacred texts for 24 years--Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu scriptures included. 

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