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Profile Photo for jcoolcash11


Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Career Coach
Chandler | Az | United States
(3 reviews)

Yes, I CAN HELP.  Whether your problem is personal, professional or concerning a relationship, I can help.  Simply click on the chat button to get started today or email me to set up an appointment. I have coached hundreds of individuals over the years.  My training began in corporate America for fortune five hundred companies.  Now I am a freelance ...

Profile Photo for drzannah


Encinitas | California | United States
(3 reviews)

Zannah Hackett is the Founder of The Y.O.U. Consulting Group, The Y.O.U. Institute, and innovator of The Ultimate Life Tool technology. She is an author, educator, speaker, relationship technologist and executive life advisor. Her career experience, education and research during the last 30 years has focused primarily on the nature of the human being and the ...

Profile Photo for coachkerri


Certified Life Coach, Relationship Coach
Los Angeles | CA | United States
(9 reviews)

I am open to coaching whomever needs guidance and motivation independent of sexual orientation or gender. Learn how to tap into the unlimited potential within. Get the tools and skills to learn how your intuition reveals the path to follow, wake up from being on auto pilot as you travel through your life experience. I integrate spirituality and the laws ...

Profile Photo for coach_arthur


Life Coach, CPC, BA, MS
Coral Gables | Florida | United States
(6 reviews)

I am originally from Caracas, Venezuela and have lived in the United States for more than 35 years. I am the mother of NieCat. Nie is a  22 years old and Cat is an 18 year old who is a Freshmen in college. My heart smiles to also say I am the GrandMother (Abuelita) to the MOST beautiful GrandHon in ...

Profile Photo for shivakumarbharathi


Enabling wellness through Emotional Intelligence c
Tirupur, Coimbatore | Tamil Nadu | India
(3 reviews)

More than 7 years of rich and insightful experience in Personal Development, Team Building, Performance and Context Coaching with young people/Professionals. Key accomplishments are: o Been part of core team which has trained/coached over 14000 Professionals/Students. o Personally Coached/Mentored over 2000 people on learning, leadership and life skills. o I'm the Youngest "Professional Certified Coach ...

Profile Photo for jtrmsw


Life and Relationship Coach
Northampton | MA | United States
(6 reviews)

Hi there. My name is Jill Rubin. I'm a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, & relationship coach.  I have had the honor of helping hundreds of people over the last twelve years to move past their fears, improve their relationships, strengthen their mental and emotional well-being, and make the changes necessary to live more empowered lives.  I'm a person who ...

Profile Photo for snukey2013


Life, Relationship and Career Coaching
Union City | GA | United States
(4 reviews)

I help people who struggle with life changing events and don’t know where to go from there, when certain aspects of life seem difficult and you want to change them, when relationships become too difficult to deal with, when you start to behave in a manner that causes you pain, stress and unhappiness, when you want to be more ...

Profile Photo for devsingh


Executive, Business & Relationship Coaching
Sydney | New South Wales | Australia
(5 reviews)

Dev works with professionals and organisations, across various industries and sectors around the world, to tell and share their messages and stories with greater impact and influence, through consulting, coaching, speaking and training. Dev has spent the past decade studying and training under some of the world’s most prolific and successful leaders in entrepreneurship, marketing, influence and leadership. As ...

Profile Photo for ashokaishaya


Life & Career Coach
CHICAGO | IL - Illinois | United States
Confirmed Profile

Attained my Coaching Certificate at Fielding Graduate University in 2010. Lived in monastery for 5 years. Inspirational Speaker, Meditation Teacher, Author and Transformational Integral Executive and Life Coach. Specialization in Kundalini Initiation and aiding clients to resolve Spiritual Emergence issues. Also aid clients to activate Immortal Jing Cycle to produce the Golden Elixir. Sp Offer business consulting advise to Executives ...

Profile Photo for kelhowarth


Empowerment Coach - Transition Partner
Montreal | Quebec | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Are you facing work/life transition and sandwiched between different shifting priorities? Then let's partner to peel back the layers, help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals as you align with your purpose and values.

Profile Photo for tanmizi


Behavioural & Therapeutic Coach
Hong Kong | HK | Hong Kong
Confirmed Profile

With almost 20 years of Corporate and Business skills and experience, Michelle understands the Business environment and speaks the corporate language.  She was in top managerial positions of multi-national companies for several years, responsible not only for the day-to-day running of the business but also for strategic planning as well as profit and loss.  In these roles, she discovered that ...

Profile Photo for starrlee64


Coach Starr
Anthem | Arizona | United States
Confirmed Profile

All of us are on a journey to find joy and happiness...but sometimes we get lost along the way. We get caught up in our stories...without realizing that we are the creators of our stories! As your coach, I help you separate the fact from the fiction and get down to creating the life you desire! My coaching ...

Profile Photo for drverlean


United States
Confirmed Profile

Verlean Hailey Turner, affectionately called DrV is a loveologist, preacher, counselor, life and relationship coach, retreat speaker, spoken word artist, author, spiritual cupbearer, degreed in Psychology, Christian Counseling and Theology with a speciality in Women's Studies. DrV is establishing the 1st Elizabeth Suites Retreat Home,the Ascended Woman Resource Center as well as course content for iLove University. She ...

Profile Photo for mcculley


Board Certified Life Coach
-- | NY | United States
Confirmed Profile

As an integrative whole-life coach, I partner with clients to address, balance and integrate all facets of life (health and wellness, spirituality and growth, finances and debt reduction, education and career, friends and family, partnership and romance, fun and recreation) to create the life of your desire and design. Coaching can be valuable in an array of areas and for ...

Profile Photo for pattyscoaching


Relationship and Life Coach
Niagara Falls  | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

Life is about relationships. I am here to help you gain clarity in how to develop, repair, rebuild and enhance your relationships. Learning to build balance and healthy relationships or taking good relations to a whole new level and making them great!!

Profile Photo for kissing_sunshine


United States
Confirmed Profile

I work with individuals and/or couples one on one to help them either find love, renew love or make the decision of letting the relationship go. I am Certified Professional Coach and Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index.  I am also an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. 

Profile Photo for trinite3


Frisco | Tx | United States
Confirmed Profile

I coach individuals who are ready to take the vision for their lives and confidently pursue it with purpose. If you are ready to roadmap your path to making that dream a reality and know the importance of a strong spiritual base and faith in God in order to achieve it, then I am the coach for you. Let me ...

Profile Photo for bmoberski


United States
Confirmed Profile

My passion and purpose is to support people with their relationships and fill their lives with love. Are you in need of that extra push to accomplish your goals? Do you need someone to hold you accountable, keep you focused on the end result, highlight your strengths and skills, and help you pace yourself so you don’t burn out ...

Profile Photo for Martez


Certified Professional Coach
Virginia Beach | VA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I have been providing professional coaching since December of 2008.  I have worked with several couples on improving communication, intimacy and overcoming infidelity.

Profile Photo for indyfleming


Owner/Founder of Grey Matters International, Inc.
United States
Confirmed Profile

Grey Matters International, Inc is a unique neuroscience-based behavior change coaching firm working with executives/professionals and their spouses/family (if necessary) on breakthrough thinking and strategy to change the unchangeable. Specializations include addictions, leadership, burnout risk, misdirection, and work/life balance issues related to "being successful but not happy".  We leverage powerful tools and technologies that most shrinks and ...

Profile Photo for shadal


Dominical | Perez Zeledon | Costa Rica
Confirmed Profile

As background I'm a west african traditional . With an extensive knowledge of plants and natural remedies,wich I incorporate today in my wellness coach practice .. My consultations include fitness ,stress , nutrition and emotional  assessement and customized wellness solutions ..My years  as a resident  art therapist enable me to especially help clients  seeking to expand their creativity ,identify and optimize ...

Profile Photo for zelda


Life Coach
United States
Confirmed Profile

Non-Denomination, unbiased, non judgmental down to earth life and relationship coach with over 20 years exp in relationship and life coaching. No topic to sensitive. If you're going through it, I'm willing to walk with you.  

Profile Photo for guelphadhdcoach


ADHD, Asperger's, & Life Coach
Guelph | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Alina offers personal counseling and coaching services and leads support and therapy groups where she uses a wide variety of effective methods drawn from many therapeutic modalities, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psycho-Cybernetics, Hypnosis, Focusing, Yoga, a type of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for ADHDers, Talk Therapy, and Visualization. She specializes in working with kids, students, and adults going ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome ...

Profile Photo for onye


Owner, LivePRAXIS
Winnipeg | Manitoba | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I own LivePRAXIS Complete Coaching Partners, an organization committed to providing ongoing coaching services, assistance and expertise to individuals and organizations. We help individuals and groups set priorities and goals, re-set directions, discover critical internal resources, learn new skills, manage change and evaluate results.  Moving beyond traditional coaching techniques, we concentrate on solutions and strength building, using well-developed theories, models ...

Profile Photo for terriod


Professional Coach
Philadelphia | PA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Do you hate feeling like you're the crazy one in your relationship with your spouse/biz partner/boss?  Are you tired of being the one who's always wrong?  Are you ready for FREEDOM to breathe because someone really gets you and what you're going through? How would your life be different if you could experience emotional FREEDOM ...

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