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Profile Photo for psychicsarahdelamer


Psychic Sarah De La Mer
WORLD WIDE HELP | LA | United Kingdom
(1 reviews)

I am often available for LIVE ACCURATE readings and consultations right here through FREELANCE COACHHIGH accuracy guaranteed. I am also an EXPERT on the TIMING of eventsIf you need immediate resolutions and MAGICAL solutions I am only a short call away ANY time of the night or day. Ashton Kutcher identified me on The Jimmy Kimmel Show as ...

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Holistic Life Coach | Speaker | Reiki Practitioner
Atlanta | GA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Holistic Life Coaching you can work on self-actualization, work on re-balancing, work on releasing stagnant thought processes and habits, and work on redefining self. Discover wherer you are on this path, recognize and remove obstacles. ,and gain clarity for your current situation, redirect the path you are on as you listen to your yourself ...

Profile Photo for isisroyal


Astoria | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

  Please not contact me for free services.If you are truly looking for help, I would be honored to serve you. But the services must be paid for.   sis is a Psychic-Medium  whose abilities include clairvoyance, claircognizance and precognition. She is empathetic as well. Isis does not answer legal, medical, paternity( as these type of queries are best left to ...

Profile Photo for garrettlamb


Relationship Coach
San Francisco | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

As a professional Relationship Coach and workshop facilitator, I am passionate about supporting others in their personal growth. We are always in relationships, whether it's with ourselves or others. Strong relationships can create a better future for everyone, and I truly believe that if we can all communicate with open-heartedness and honesty, we will design the life we really ...

Profile Photo for lmdiana


Personal Development & Law Of Attraction Coach
Hartford | CT | United States
Confirmed Profile

I have been coaching the Law Of Attraction since 2010 and Relationship coaching since 2012.  I coach clients throughout the world.

Profile Photo for anael39


Psychic Medium, Love Specialist , Spiritual Mentor
McKinney | TX | United States
Confirmed Profile

20 years experience as a Professional Psychic Medium and Love Coach.Specialize in Relationships and life questions and much more. Come and get a UNCANNILY ACCURATE Psychic Medium and start your true path today!

Profile Photo for sunheepark


Psychic Medium Healer
Myrtle Beach | SC | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a psychic, medium, energy healer. I connect physically with your ailments and then information comes across my forehead so fast, that I do have to express it. If you have specific questions that is fine too. I send you healing energies while I am doing your reading. I have a NY reading style and do not beat around ...

Profile Photo for nitenfu


BSpt HMTP SH, shaman, healer and PT
Eau claire | WI | United States
Confirmed Profile

Anita Fugoso is from Norway. By education a certified Physical Therapist from The Bess Mensendieck system. She was born with the ability to heal and is a Psychic and a Medium.

Profile Photo for angel_bliss


Intuitive Coach
Vallejo | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a natural Intuitive and Certified Angel Reader trained by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.  I specialize in inspiring and motivating people to live their lives to the fullest.  Communicating with Angels is a very positive way of seeking spiritual guidance about all areas of your life.  Angels are with us every day and want to help us but ...

Profile Photo for silenceisgolden


Spiritual Advisor - Intuitive Counselor
Beverly Hills | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Think of it as a call or chat to an “extremely intuitive,” & loving friend, who is willing to offer insights in areas where you perhaps desire a “listening ear.”  Goldie references tools such as the Tarot, as well as Numerology, which helps guide the direction of the Sessions. Goldie grew up Christian, and is a Licensed Spiritual Counselor through the ...

Profile Photo for stephanie


Psychic Readings
Lake Forest | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Cherokee Indian Shaman, Medical Intuitive, Relationship Coaching, Business Coaching, Empath, Medium, Clairvoyant, Pranic Healing, Animal Reader, Emotional Cleansings and Transitional Assistance/Holistin Hospice Nurse, Addiction Coach, Energy Healer. I also do extensive work with the local Police Departments on Cold Case Files and Missing Persons Cases.

Profile Photo for psychicholly


Psychic Astrologer
Stone Harbor | NJ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Problems in your current relationship? Unhappy in your career but aren’t sure where your true talents lie? Whether we are experiencing illness or health, lack or prosperity, loneliness or wholeness, let me guide you as you gain valuable insights, a fresh perspective or increased meaning to your life. I have been providing clairvoyant and psychic readings for over 20 ...

Profile Photo for zuri


Psychic Intuitive, Tarot Reader + Energy Healer
Port St Lucie | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

Thanks for stopping by my page! I'm a psychic tarot reader offering readings by phone, chat and email.

Profile Photo for revpamela3


Rev. - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 106
Morehead City | NC | United States
Confirmed Profile

The “Musical psychic “specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, life direction, and dream interpretation. She is available for readings, psychic development coaching, and singles coaching.

Profile Photo for clarity4u


psychic reading via skype/ phone /chat
london | middlesex | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

I am a Empathic reader,I pick up on thoughts, feelings ,vibes, and auras of you ,those around you,your nearest and dearest,  in fact anyone you would like me to focus onWhat areas do I specialize in?✓Love and relationships,(If you have two or more potential partners in mind, I can connect with all)✓ Money jobs and ...

Profile Photo for angelblue67


Relationship/Love/Angel/Tarot Readings
New Braunfels | Texas | United States
Confirmed Profile

Hello, and welcome to my world. I'm pleased that you found me. I've been doing Tarot readings for over 15 years and have helped many finding their paths again during uncertainty and confusions. I am an Interfaith and Spiritual Minister, keeping my Faith as ONE. If you feel any doubts in yourself, feel lost, uncertain as to which ...

Profile Photo for grendl23


Psychic Tarot Advisor
HOUSTON | Texas | United States
Confirmed Profile

Let Grendl put your future into perspective with a Tarot card reading. Relationship Readings  I look at the current relationship between two people to examine long-term intentions and unexpressed feelings. Is your partner being honest? Are other people involved in your relationship?  What are your partner's thoughts and attitude's towards your future together?  I use many different spreads ...

Profile Photo for sheilalorene


Intuitive Healer
Phoenix | Arizona | United States
Confirmed Profile

Immediately, I connect directly with your higher sources: "spirit and angels".  The readings that I offer are: love, love triangles, finances, life path, career, or life purpose. The tools that I use are: pendulums, oracle and tarot cards. I am a sage healer.  What are my psychic abilities? My gifts are: claircognizant (gift to know), clairvoyant (gift to see), clairaudient ...

Profile Photo for leobrown


Psychic Leo Brown
Belleville | IL | United States
Confirmed Profile

Leo Brown is of the world's most sought after psychic mediums/life coaches/entertainment personalities and motivational speakers! Born in the deep south to an intuitive family, Leo always knew he was someone special. At the tender age of 21, Leo discovered that he, like others in his family, possessed what people down south called 'The Gift'. As time ...

Profile Photo for lynnied212


Rev. Lynn DeLellis
Clearwater | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

 Years ago I began a spiritual quest which took many twists and turns. I began my spiritual studies at The College of Metaphysical Studies and began to develop and realize the ability to work with spirit and to help others with their life obstacles. I had finally found my path and relationship to God and and Universe.

Profile Photo for leigh


Psychic Life Coach
Minneapolis | MN | United States
Confirmed Profile

Leigh is a Certified Professional Intuitive, Relationship and Psychic Life Coach, Empowerment Expert and Healing Facilitator, Clairaudient, Tarot Reader, Voice Recognition Psychic . She is also a gifted Clairvoyant, Certified Chakra Balance Instructor and Medium who teaches people to move forward with compassion and grace. She teaches her clients how to uncover their own personal power and life potential. Leigh is ...

Profile Photo for denika


Holistic Healer/Spiritual Advisor
Edison | New Jersey | United States
Confirmed Profile

Denika is a Holistic Health Counselor & Practitioner and Spiritual Advisor that specializes in women's reproductive health, detoxification, reiki, meditation, how to develop spiritual abilities, spiritual growth, sacred sexuality, relationship counseling, career/entrepreneur counseling, and working with spiritually gifted children

Profile Photo for queenmab


Psychic Intuitive Coach
Oakland | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Erin Shannon has been doing Psychic and Healing work for 23 years.  During that time she has assisted clients and students to greater awareness and empowerment in their lives. Her Bodywork/Energywork and Intuitive Counseling is the perfect way to begin to open the lines of communication between your body and access the wisdom it holds.  She has a way ...

Profile Photo for ghazanellie


Tarot Reader
Valley Village | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

My readings can help in areas of love, relationships, career, finance, family or your spiritual path.  

Profile Photo for ecumenistthereader


Psychic Medium
SACRAMENTO | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a Psychic Medium, pure direct, meaning that I use nothing other that the images, messages, words, symbols that I am given.  When I read, I answer your questions via the responses given me by spirits, (which I call the PEOPLE), when they answer the questions you ask.  I am down to earth and easy to speak to.  I ...

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