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Profile Photo for jwatson


Business Consultant and Coach
Clinton | Maryland | United States
Confirmed Profile

Jelas Marketing Inc is a small business marketing and consulting company in Clinton, Maryland, that helps strat-up to mid-sized businesses with the development of plans to set-up or improve the structure of your organization. We offer every service that you can receive from a marketing firm. Our exclusive company is a full-service marketing firm providing more comprehensive servides that our ...

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Executive Conflict Consultant
Los Angeles | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Kathleen Bartle, MA, is a strategic consultant to executives worldwide. She turns destructive conflict into productive communications.

Profile Photo for matthewrich


Certified NVC Trainer; Certified LIFE Coach
Utrecht | -- Choose -- | Netherlands
Confirmed Profile

Matthew Rich-Tolsma is presently Director of Operations at the MetaIntegral Foundation’s Integral Education Center. He also serves as a visiting Research Fellow at the School for Transformative Leadership, Palacky University, where he is involved in research in the field of Transformative Higher Education approaches and social innovation as well as teaching transdisciplinary courses on Meta-theory, psychology, and partnership economics ...

Profile Photo for heatherpeters


Leadership Coach
St. John's | NL | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Simply put, we hold ourselves back.  We get in our own way personally and professionally and sometimes need someone to help us see the path, what is stopping us and how to move forward.  With over 20 years of leadership experience, training and consulting and most recently 2 years of coaching with over 300 hours logged, I offer the comfort ...

Profile Photo for michelecorey


Leadership Development / Business Coach
Seattle | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I’ve been told I’m a kick butt coach, an engaging speaker and a masterful story teller. More importantly my whole purpose is to serve you as a catalyst so that you have more of what you really want in your life – personally and professionally I'm an avid learner that provides engaging multiple level coaching, big picture strategy ...

Profile Photo for coachfac


Fleet | Hants | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Ray believes strongly that tomorrow’s business success will be based on getting the best from people, and he actively encourages leaders to explore these perspectives. He is also passionate about the links between exemplary leadership and coaching, and has supported leaders with 1to1 sessions and workshops, to have a 'coach approach' in many different but specific contexts. e.g ...

Profile Photo for drdianeb20


Leadership Development Consultant and Coach
Westfield | NJ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Improvement leader with over 23 years of experience in coaching and mentoring leaders of all levels.  Possesses the following skills:  strategic vision, influencing key stakeholders, orchestrating resources to meet business needs.  High level of suiccess in building and maintating client relationships and developing performance interventions that exceed client needs.  Coaching areas of expertise: Leadership development coachiing ...

Profile Photo for svergun


Toronto | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Dr. Oxana Svergun is a leadership and business coach with over 20 years of experience helping organizations and individuals to grow, sustain and improve their people management capacity and to focus on key actions which will make the greatest difference in a turbulent business environment. Specialties: Leadership coaching,  Business coaching, Executive coaching in English and in Russian (including phone/skype ...

Profile Photo for mikestanley


Change is a Choice!
Elizabeth | Colorado | United States
Confirmed Profile

Do you feel like you spend your day putting out fires, not achieving your vision?  I can coach you through the crisis.  I work with leaders to develop strategies to mitigate business emergencies.

Profile Photo for davidvac


Leadership & Sales Coach/Consultant
Maidenhead | Berkshire | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

I can help you see what is blocking you from achieving your potential and work with you to achieve sustainable results and systemic change. Whether you are seeking a personal shift, a team shift or a deeper organisational culture change, I believe we can transform your performance to levels only dreamt of.

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