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Profile Photo for KenselTracy


Helping Business Grow and Prosper
Ottawa  | Canada  | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Kensel is a professional marketing coach with 30 years’ experience in marketing, advertising, communications and partnership marketing. 

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Business-Building & Marketing Coach/Mentor
Lady's Island | SC | United States
Confirmed Profile

Marketing & Client-Attraction Coaching/Mentoring Do you need help with creating and implementing a Marketing Plan that will ensure a Constant Influx of Clients?  Let me put my 20-years of Entrepreneurial exprerience (10 of them as a consultant/coach) and help you create a Marketing Plan that generates results. I help primarily with solo service providers and small-service-provider businesses. Here are ...

Profile Photo for kairo2013


Albuquerque | New Mexico | United States
Confirmed Profile

What my company does is work with business owners, people like yourself, helping them to maximize their business success.  Most of our clients are companies with sales under $5 million dollars per year.  Our objective is simple - provide the business with more money, and the business owner with control over time and employees so they can do more with what ...

Profile Photo for richwriting


Portland | OR | United States
Confirmed Profile

Harness your personal brilliance so you grab attention, drive action, get results. Susan Rich is a word-craft & marketing coach who helps you discover how today's marketing advice is tomorrow's revenue. Susan transforms you from Who are you? to There you are!It all comes down to the benefits of choosing you.

Profile Photo for doughecker


Founder & President
Scottsdale | Arizona | United States
Confirmed Profile

Sales & Marketing Consultant at 2 Excel Now ★ Kolbe Certified Consultant ★ Business Coach ★ Scottsdale Business Wealth Club Mentor Now You Can Increase Sales, Get More Customers / Clients, & Have a Thriving Profitable Business with More Time to Do What You Do Best.I am a small business & retail expert consultant. I help business owners, retailers, and manufacturers who struggle with increasing customer ...

Profile Photo for firehorse


Cambridge | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

IMAGINE what it would feel like to:- go through your day without stress - have time to look ahead and plan appropriately- know you're spending money and energy in the right places I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN FOR YOU! Here at FireHorse, we pride ourselves on providing accessible (and affordable!) business consulting; you don’t have to be rich to ...

Profile Photo for JumpStartJim


Celebrity Jump Start Coach and Resultant
Las Vegas | Nevada | United States
Confirmed Profile

Jump Start Jim is The World's Only "Celebrity Jump Start" Coach and Resultant for The Impatient Entrepreneur. His 1-on-1 and small group coaching and mastermind programs teach Coaches, Authors, and Small Business Professionals “How to Get a Celebrity Jump Start” and Design The Ultimate Lifestyle Business. He is a proud father to 3 amazing children and ecstatically married to ...

Profile Photo for Asha


Business Consultant & Marketing Expert for Women
San Diego | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Business Consultant & Marketing Expert Asha Mankowska ESQ.,SAN DIEGO, CA. with her strong background in law, marketing & journalism, is a Transitional Business & Life Coach, Radio Host (Crush Fears With Asha!), Relationship Strategist, as well as a Motivational Speaker. She is also on the Board of SDPCA(San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance) as Vice President of Marketing. Founder of Speakers Bureau ...

Profile Photo for tonya1234


International Marketing Coach for Women
Fishers | Indiana | United States
Confirmed Profile

 Tonya Shadoan  International Image, Events and Marketing Consultant With a background as one of the country’s most sought-after wedding and event designers, Tonya uses her extensive personal experience to assists women-preneurs and small businesses find their purpose and passion within their industry (niche).Founder of the 30-30-30 Business Challenge, and international author: Don't Let the Blonde Hair Fool ...

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