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Head Coach
St. Pete Beach | Florida | United States
(10 reviews)

Bob is a professional trainer and Distinguished Toastmaster, ready to assist business owners and professionals with their presentations skills development.

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Life coach and meditation teacher
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Rajiv is a certified life and business coach, founder of Success Within and meditation teacher. Rajiv is a certified facilitator for Bob Proctor's thinking into results course. He also had been a business owner and management professional. Rajiv conducts programs for lunch and learn in companies and business groups.

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Change Management Consultant
Phoenix | AZ | United States
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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, has 30+ years providing personal and professional development and peak performance. In addition - she serves as Treasurer on the Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors - (2006 - present). She served on the Board of Directors (2000 - 2008) 2 years as President on the International Association for Regression Research and Therapist.  She mentors and empowers executives ...

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