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Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, LLC
Ladson | South Carolina | United States
(5 reviews)

Welcome to my world of spiritual enlightenment. Please read my testimonials from clients under the topic "Resume' in this profile.I am a Clairvoyant/Clairaudient/Life Coach/Remote Viewer/Metaphysical Teacher. Other services that I offer are Chakra Balancing/Aura Cleansing/Past Lives/Life Purpose. I have been a guest on numerous radio talk shows with international clientele and documented ...

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Financial and Life Coach
Los Angeles | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Money and Finance Coach, Performance Coach, Life Coach Focus on Debt Elimination and How to Organize Your Life   I'm here to coach you to get your life back on track. I'll help you get a plan and get organized. I'll also help you get out of debt, be money smart, and how to make money while taking ...

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Burbank | IL | United States
Confirmed Profile

  Coaching Coaching is a profession drawing from the fields of psychology, business, philosophy, sports, spirituality and the arts. Life/Personal Coaching is a nurturing and focus type of Coaching.  A Coach listens, focuses on a comprehensive set of observable behaviors and then relates to important areas of performance.  I deal with this everyday with people that maybe in various stages ...

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Confirmed Profile

Chief Inspiration Officer for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

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Life and Financial Coach
Cleveland | Ohio | United States
Confirmed Profile

Being an INFJ (myers-briggs), I have a natural ability to be a coach. Some of my greatest strengths are "creating a safe space" for the client and getting to the bottom line.  I'm adventurous and enjoy challenge and connect best with clients who exude these qualities

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Life and Business Coach
Confirmed Profile

I am a certified life and professional coach with a background in Business and Financial Management. 

Profile Photo for kevincarr


Miramichi | New Brunswick | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Kevin is an Independant certifed Trainer; coach; and speaker with the John Maxwell Company Kevin has been developing himself as a leader, with the help of a lot of other people, for over 15 years. Kevin has been a professional speaker for 20 years. As a speaker he learned the importance of making his point quickly while keeping his audiences ...

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Howell | Michigan | United States
Confirmed Profile

I enjoy helping business owners realize their visions.  I assist you when when it is time to strategically improve the current course, grow to the next level, or to plan the succession of the company.  I also serve as Part Time Controller for several companies.  I keep owners out of trouble, profitable and in a Positive Cash Flow.  We look ...

Profile Photo for cristik


MSc,PhDc, Professional Coach
Bucuresti | sector 6 | Romania
Confirmed Profile

Main Specialities: life coaching, executive coaching, financial coaching, personal development, NLP. Fluent English, French, Romanian and Hungarian.

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Director and Head Coach
Sydney | NSW | Australia
Confirmed Profile

Bluesky Coaching Sydney is a dynamic financial and life coaching practice whose vision is to assist others to reach their full potential and eliminate the unnecessary stresses in life. Whether it be short, medium or long term goals, Bluesky Coaching Sydney can help you break past those barriers that seem to prevent you from achieving them. Bluesky Coaching Sydney is ...

Profile Photo for mkbridge


Vernon | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Money Coach Trained Money Coach with Money Coaches Canada I specialize in helping professionals with families or individuals who are struggling to get ahead financially and are worried about their financial future. Turn your Money Stress into Money Success.

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Young and Gifted - readings
Marina del Rey | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

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