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Coaching > Cross-Cultural Coaching Professionals

Profile Photo for manpreetdhillon


Coach, Connector, Consultant
Vancouver | British Columbia | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I am the founder and owner of Into Essence Coaching, and have been a personal and business coach for over eight years in the Greater Vancouver area.  My coaching over this time has been focused on those transitioning with careers/businesses, healing relationship with money, self and others and becoming more aware of patterns and beliefs. I have done alot ...

Profile Photo for shanewarren88


Sydney | NSW | Australia
Confirmed Profile

A country boy by birth, I was lucky in that I had very multi-cultural thinking parents who ensured that my brothers and I witnessed life in all parts of the world before moving into our chosen career paths. This resulted in extensive periods of my life being expressed in the UK, USA, France, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Hong Kong, China, Singapore ...

Profile Photo for equanimity


Global Leadership & Expat Coach
Orlando | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

Global leadership and Expat Coach, expatriate, I assist individuals, expatriates and organizations to create sustainable change in their life or organization while in transition. I am the founder of Equanimity Executive, LLC, an organization that support and promote growth and sustainable change of individuals and organizations.

Profile Photo for ChristyHerlickGibson


Career & Leadership Coach | Intercultural Trainer
Alpena | Michigan | United States
Confirmed Profile

I deliver engaging and compelling intercultural transition and career coaching for expat executives and their accompanying spouses, as well as for recent immigrants and international scholars seeking professional and academic opportunities in the United States. My strengths lie in intercultural competency development; career transition coaching; expatriate career management; and intercultural transition (culture shock and re-entry). As a coach and trainer ...

Profile Photo for bernard18


Phnom Penh | Phnom Penh | Cambodia
Confirmed Profile

International business consultant with a global experience gained in four continents Cross-cultural trainer/ coach/ consultant. Personal and professional development trainer/coach

Profile Photo for bvalibouse


Executive Coach & Owner, Metasens
Paris | Ile-de-France | France
Confirmed Profile

"To help executives to balance finance and human factors, to allow people, teams and organisations to create a deep meaning in their challenges and to empower managers into successfully achieving Business Excellence is my daily mission".

Profile Photo for sunniva


Co-Active Coach, Trainer and Consultant
Le Rove | Bouches de Rhone | France
Confirmed Profile

Coaching Approach: The co-active model holds the client as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and completely capable of finding their own answers to whatever challenges they face. Sunniva respects life’s interdependences and at the same time focuses on what the client wants to change. With her excellent listening skills and natural intuition, she hears what the client genuinely says ...

Profile Photo for oliviermarsily


Nivelles | Brabant Wallon | Belgium
Confirmed Profile

cultural and diversity awareness facilitator based upon a personal profile values-based leadership trainer-coach based upon a personal profile personal preferences and effectiveness development

Profile Photo for treste


Hannacroix | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

Tresté Loving retired from the U.S. Navy after 26 years of honorable service.  She spent over 14 years training, conducting workshops, developing and implementing policies ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of all Department of Navy personnel.  Tresté was the most knowledgeable and talented Equal Opportunity/Diversity Officer (EO/DO) in the Navy her last 10 years of service ...

Profile Photo for claudiaexpat


Cross-cultural and mobile career coach
Jerusalem | Jerusalem | Palestinian Territory, Occupied
Confirmed Profile

Italian intercultural trainer and cross-cultural coach, 24 years of experience abroad, relocating in 8 countries on 4 continents. 13 years of listening and working with women in issues related to life abroad with focus on professional identity and portable career. Founder of 2 websites for expat women.

Profile Photo for oscarperez


Life Transformation Coach
Santa Cruz | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

What is the life that you really want?  Do you have the relationship, career, and spiritual life that inspires you?  Are you excited about every new day of your life?   I guide people like you in creating extraordinary lives.  I use 12 years of experience in life transformation, which include intensive spiritual and psychological training to help you live at ...

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