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Career Counselor and Career ADD Coach
New Braunfels  | Texas | United States
(8 reviews)

I provide insightful and extraordinary career counseling and coaching, and specialize in working with those with ADD/ADHD. My clients range in all ages.  If you have been challenged, stuck or bored with your current career, you are not alone.  My services with get you moving in a whole new direction and in ways you may never have considered.  Find ...

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United States
Confirmed Profile

A.V. Powers is a British transplant who has made Atlanta her home for almost 20 years. With a background in psychology and corporate business practices including real estate, public relations, diplomatic affairs and marketing, Ayshah has developed an expertise that enables her to successfully evaluate problem areas within a given environment and systematically assess how the processes in place ...

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Executive Conflict Consultant
Los Angeles | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Kathleen Bartle, MA, is a strategic consultant to executives worldwide. She turns destructive conflict into productive communications.

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Entrepreneurial Business Coach
Greensboro | NC | United States
Confirmed Profile

Hello, I'm an advocate for entrepreneurship, having worked directly with hundreds of successful entrepreneurs for over the past 30 years. I help current & potential entrepreneurs clarify their paths for success, based on their individual strengths, passions and purpose. I believe that you are more destined to succeed when your business and your entrepreneurial personailty are compatible. Let me help ...

Profile Photo for henrietariesco


Professional Development (Career) Coach
Bellevue | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

No matter what career stage you are at, I'm here to guide you through the terrain of uncertainty to the place of clarity. From the valley of frustration to the place from which you can see the possibilities, feel your strength, and are motivated to move forward. I believe all my clients have what it takes to find their ...

Profile Photo for flyinrandy


Career Advisor
Novato, CA | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Randy Block Short Bio In his work with private clients and workshops, he draws upon his long experience in the executive search, employment, and HR fields. Randy specializes in helping Boomers, as well as all levels of professionals. He focuses on issues of career transition: changing careers, choosing a career direction and positioning, finding opportunities, as well as finding opportunities ...

Profile Photo for starallen1


Kildeer | Illinois | United States
Confirmed Profile

Career Development and Training Consultant with an extensive background in career transition consulting (individual and group) and delivery of management training - leadership, strategic planning, change management, interpersonal relations and business acumen.Specialties:Career Development and Training - Job Search, Strategic Planning and Leadership

Profile Photo for oivin.robberstad


Stavanger/Oslo | Stavanger | Norway
Confirmed Profile

Senior Consultant at Right Management, within Career Management. Location i Oslo, but serve clients in Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand Specialties: • Talent Development – oil industry.• Executive Coaching  - diverse industries• Career Management Facilitation - individual coaching and group seminars in several industries with individuals on different levels in the organization• Corporate Trainee Assessments and Selections – oil industry. • Facilitation of Right Management’s ...

Profile Photo for veronicab


Los Angeles | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Brillon Associates HR Consulting LLC. With over 30 thousand hours in human resoruces.  I am a focused, fun, real, and a gifted Corporate Human Resources (HR) executive consultant/recruiter as well as a self-published author. I have worked in a wide variety of industries including, finance, information technology, hospitality, retail, and manufacturing. I have been a guest speaker at HSBC ...

Profile Photo for bhtaft1


Chief Career Strategist
Scottsdale | AZ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Looking for a for a new job or considering a career change? The Taft Resource Group can provide the support necessary to ensure a quick and successful transition to new career opportunities. A number of programs are offered to assist individuals in planning, developing and implementing effective career and job search strategies. From focusing on new career goals, writing an ...

Profile Photo for joanvalerie


Certified Career Coach
Hudson | WI | United States
Confirmed Profile

  Joan founded her company, Pathways Career Success Strategies, LLC over a decade ago and has helped thousands of career-minded professionals find a job they love faster, increase success and satisfaction on the job, or advance to the next level. She also contracts with small to mid-size businesses providing outplacement services to downsized employees and also contracts with other organizations to ...

Profile Photo for careeroptions


Putney | Vermont | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am the principal at Career Options and served as Director of Career Services the SIT Graduate Institute Career Center from 2000 to 2011 (an international graduate school.) I provide successful job search and interview coaching, career assessment and guidance and resumes that get results (securing that all-important interview.) I help professionals clarify their career passion and get the job ...

Profile Photo for munishbali


Expert Coder
PKL | Hry | India
Confirmed Profile

Love to code, money are just the reward! My motto is ''quality over quantity'. It is all about finish the job on time with satisfied client who get more than pay. Code enthusiastic, like to produce, to make live easier and make great products. Have good work experience in SQL Server and Windows environment using Microsoft. Thorough knowledge of the ...

Profile Photo for successdiscoveries


Executive Coach and Talent Management Consultant
Dallas | TX | United States
Confirmed Profile

Carl Nielson is a professional coach with over 14 years focusing on leadership development and career coaching as well as organizational consulting, specifically in all areas related to talent management, from talent acquisition to cross-functional team development and leadership development. Prior to entering the consulting and coaching world, Carl gained invaluable experience in Human Resource Management for 18 years.

Profile Photo for adventuring1


Life/Career Coach
La Crescenta | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

We all need support and mentoring from time-to-time - a hard-won lesson I had to learn myself. I know what its like to feel “stuck.” Having been there myself (several times), I have a deep understanding of the inner frustration that comes with a life and/or career that feels uneasy, unfulfilling or just un-fun. I also know how it can ...

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