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Cambridge | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

IMAGINE what it would feel like to:- go through your day without stress - have time to look ahead and plan appropriately- know you're spending money and energy in the right places I CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN FOR YOU! Here at FireHorse, we pride ourselves on providing accessible (and affordable!) business consulting; you don’t have to be rich to ...

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Toronto | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

 Over the last 21 years I have worked with companies ranging from small startups to large fortune 100 corporations. Throughout my work with all of them I noticed a pattern. The companies that were successful all had similar processes and systems in place to generate revenue. The companies that were not successful, the companies that struggled were missing some or ...

Profile Photo for deviclark


Charity / Social Enterprise Career Coach
Aylesbury | Bucks | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Devi’s enthusiasm is in helping people to do what really matters to them, rather than following what they are expected to do. Devi's passion for people, business and social welfare has evolved into work as a coach and consultant. She helps people to find a career with meaning, which reflects their values and has a positive impact on ...

Profile Photo for kamil.jaros


Prague | Praha | Czech Republic
Confirmed Profile

Personal and Development Consultant, Executive Coach.Senior Business Consultant, Managing Director; supply chain management expert.

Profile Photo for oivin.robberstad


Stavanger/Oslo | Stavanger | Norway
Confirmed Profile

Senior Consultant at Right Management, within Career Management. Location i Oslo, but serve clients in Stavanger, Trondheim, Bergen and Kristiansand Specialties: • Talent Development – oil industry.• Executive Coaching  - diverse industries• Career Management Facilitation - individual coaching and group seminars in several industries with individuals on different levels in the organization• Corporate Trainee Assessments and Selections – oil industry. • Facilitation of Right Management’s ...

Profile Photo for wdrummond


Science and Business Consultant
Pace | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

Our mission is to produce innovative business and science solutions that create value, sustainability, and a competitive advantage for our clients. Through research, education, and experience, our goal is to deliver excellence and leadership in all our projects and ventures. We believe in a collaborative culture that embraces honesty and integrity. We are stewards of our environment and are a ...

Profile Photo for johnmarohl


Southern Pines | NC | United States
Confirmed Profile

Working with future and current leaders we will develop a contract for success, including both short term and long term S.M.A.R.T objectives and develop a personal improvement plan that may include assessments (personal, supervisor, peer, 360° feedback) combined internal and external coaching/mentoring, action learning (on-the-job) stretch assignments, training and personal improvement assignments. The contract will ...

Profile Photo for bizconsultant2000


Business Development Consultant
Dallas | TX | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a business development consultant that primarily works with either startups through our business incubartor program or Start Up Business Solutions consulting package OR cash flowing businesses (250K to 5mill inrevenues) through our Business Builder program to increase revenues, reduce expenses and expand through new opportunities.

Profile Photo for chanellecarver


Management Consultant and Coach
Pleasant Valley | NY | United States
Confirmed Profile

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners and community leaders to start, grow and manage for-profit and non-profit businesses. Combining creativity, passion, intuitive gifts and expertise my objective is to inspire and empower my clients to achieve their desired results and make a positive lasting impact in the lives they touch.  As a client you will receive my advice, insights, leadership ...

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