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Profile Photo for Carol_Ann_MacArthur


Life Coach
Calgary | Alberta | Canada
(1 reviews)

I specialize in coaching people who really want a happier life and are willing to explore what prevents them from being happy now. My approach is to help you develop an awareness of your thoughts and actions, your choices and results. We will explore how your thoughts and emotions affect your well-being. You can make shifts in your perception or ...

Profile Photo for karendh75


Self-Leadership & Public Speaking Coach
Ajax | Ontario | Canada
(5 reviews)

I specialize in coaching individuals, business professionals and executives to strengthen their self- leadership and  communication skills. Essentially partnering with individuals to create the mindset, action plan and action habit to move to their next level of success. My sole focus is to empower and help individuals realize how amazing they are “right now”, identify and own their mental barriers ...

Profile Photo for majikwomyn


Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Surrey, | British Columbia | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Spiritual Empowerment Coach Afrikan Divination Bone & Tarot Reader Reiki Master/Medicyn Womyn Psychic/Intuitive Workshop Facilitator

Profile Photo for CoachDC


Founder, The ANIYA Group Life Coaching Center
Washington | DC | United States
Confirmed Profile

Dedicated to inspiring and empowering individuals for personal and professional success, Dora Carpenter challenges and encourages participants to step outside their comfort zone and take action steps to create positive life changes.  The hardest part of any journey is taking the first step; but, you must keep on stepping. Life Coaching:  Attaining your goals in life begins with you.  Your ...

Profile Photo for jartlewis


Ladysmith | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I work with Career people who are stressed and unfulfilled, to transform their work and life experience by developing greater harmony within themselves and to make transitions if necessary. My ideal client is someone who is open to change and willing to be introspective and recognize a need to live life meaningfully. I offer Stress Reduction and Awareness tools to ...

Profile Photo for dawnasalkiewicz


Wellness and Life Style Change Coach
North Grosvenordale | CT | United States
Confirmed Profile

Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Health and Wellness Promotion, 2013 Wellcoaches Training, 2012 Yoga Instructor, 2012 Coach Training Alliance, 2006 Certified NLP Master Practitioner, 2006 Coaching Emotional Intelligence, 2006

Profile Photo for lk13


Beaverton | OR | United States
Confirmed Profile

My goal is to understand your needs and work to help you produce your desired results.  I will help you improve your performance and achieve your goals. I'm trained to listen, observe and customize my approach to your needs. In partnership, we will work together to overcome whatever challenges are preventing you from experiencing success, joy, and money in ...

Profile Photo for theresatalks


Certified Fresh Start Divorce & Relationship Coach
Minneapolis | MN | United States
Confirmed Profile

Theresa is not only a certified relationship coach, she is also a marriage and divorce survivor.  "I didn't just study principals and concepts from a book or some online course.  I'm a relationship coach for couples in trouble and for divorced individuals because I have walked many miles in your shoes and I have experienced the pain inherent ...

Profile Photo for traciaces


Long Beach | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

Traci Shoblom provides expert support to individuals in need of job coaching, business coaching and life coaching, and recently developed an in-depth capability in health coaching by earning Master's Level Certificates in Whole Health Education and Whole Health Coaching. Transitions, whether related to career, job and business changes, or to personal and life changes, experienced positively or negatively, can ...

Profile Photo for paugelli


Rome | RM | Italy
Confirmed Profile

I love my job and I think it's the coolest job in the world: partnering my clients in their development, unleashing their strengths for a better life and work. As a coach I act like a catalyst in the natural processes of changing, growing, awareness, creativity. I partner my clients in clarifying their own goals and in defining the ...

Profile Photo for annepink


Middlesbrough | North Yorkshire | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Everything which has ever been achieved in life was first preceded by a 'thought' which was then acted upon! Thoughts change the world and the ones you choose to 'act on' will change your world too! Maybe you are looking to develop a great culture for your company, or perhaps develop your own or a team members Leadership skills. Maybe ...

Profile Photo for cpatterson8


Life Transformation Specialist
Yonkers | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

Cassandra Patterson is personal life coach who helps both men and women overcome their limitations and actively pursue the life that they desire. Initially trained as a therapist, Cassandra uses a unique approach to inspire, motivate and empower her clients to become more confident in the pursuit of their dreams. Cassandra started her coaching business in 2012 to help individuals ...

Profile Photo for cccoaching


Career Coach, Business Mentor, Speaker, Author
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Cecile Peterkin, Senior Career Strategist, founded Cosmic Coaching Centre and ProMentoring Inc, in 2002 when she left the financial industry, to pursue her passion – helping people recognize their potential, become more effective in their career, and have a meaningful life, advancement and growth. The qualities that make a strong coach and facilitator comes naturally to her:  she is a strong ...

Profile Photo for bmoran


Calabasas | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Bill has been starting and growing business since he was 12 years old beginning with his gardening business where he marketed his labor around the local neighborhood in New York. At the age of 19, he bought a truck and started his own electrical contracting business. At 23 he moved to Southern California, and soon after he studied for and ...

Profile Photo for heidi.gretel


Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist
Mexico City | Mexico | Mexico
Confirmed Profile

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapist, Short Therapies and Hypnotherapist Therapeutic sessions given to individuals, couples and families by means of hypnosis and other short and integral psychotherapy methods, applied in order to establish direct communication with the subconscious mind, thereby creating a natural method for helping to resolve problems and develop internal resources achieving excellence.

Profile Photo for coachingmatters


Professional Coach
Alpharetta | GA | United States
Confirmed Profile

With a passion and sincere purpose for helping people, I help people heal by offering help, hope and direction through a coaching style that views you as the expert on you. My area of specialization centers around core values and getting to the "pea under the mattress", whatever your goal may be, i.e., weight loss, career transitions, self esteem ...

Profile Photo for tammydavis8


Integrative Wellness Coach
Taos | NM | United States
Confirmed Profile

I've been in the medical / dental field for over 30 years. Because I understand the desire for wellness in the face of limiting factors, I set out to identify different ways for overcoming obstacles. I've worked with and continue to work with my own coach to keep me in integrity as well as remind me of my commitments ...

Profile Photo for dreamcoach


Certified Dream Life Coach
Seattle | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Melissa Wadsworth has empowered thousands to access their inner brilliance so they can expand into their life potential! Working with Melissa clients learn to value themselves and their ability to change their lives for the better. Clients release fear-based thinking and behavior, limiting beliefs and self-doubt to manifest business and personal breakthroughs and happiness. They create new businesses, revive their ...

Profile Photo for jriekecoaching


Certified Life and Wellness Coach
Cambridge | MA | United States
Confirmed Profile

  I help individuals to align with their goals, remove self doubt and limiting beliefs and create concrete and effective plans so that they can reach their goals. You no longer have to feel stuck! Whether these goals include a career change, an upward business move, a personal transition or improved health and wellness, I will help you change your life ...

Profile Photo for zachstone


Mediator, facilitator and coach
Philadelphia | PA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a change agent.  I help people to uncover their gifts, and to rise above their conflicts so that they can be the most productive version of themselves.

Profile Photo for katycoach


Certified Professional Coach
Prince George | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I coach to help others become who they can be. Plain and simple. There is no greater fulfillment than bringing joy into the lives of others. As an ICF Certified Professional Coach (CPC), I am passionate about helping my clients find greater satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. By aligning who you are with who you could be, I ...

Profile Photo for tas


Life Strategist / Coach and Corporate Training.
Lake Dallas | Texas | United States
Confirmed Profile

Personal Soul-utions is a leading training, coaching, consulting and personal development corporate entity formed and managed by Tasneem Kagalwalla. Personal Soul-utions focuses on providing human performance solutions for your challenges with a philosophy that you are everything you choose to be. We offer a range of tools, techniques and processes which are specifically combined with holistic development in order to ...

Profile Photo for emmabdolan


Dingmans Ferry | PA | United States
Confirmed Profile

I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

Profile Photo for edaldama


Personal Development Coach
Phoenix | AZ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Aldama Life Coaching provides goal setting tools, techniques and strategies for successfully achieving your personal and professional goals. Whether your goal is to have a rewarding career, optimum health, a remarkable relationship, or your own business, we can match you with the right tool, technique or training to make it happen. You will quickly be on the path to achieving ...

Profile Photo for tishteaches


Career Transformation Coach
Secane | PA | United States
Confirmed Profile

You are more than your resume; more than a cover letter or an online job application. You are the OWNER of your career. Let me teach you covert strategies for career design; including harnessing the power of social media, master creating and telling your story, and positioning yourself for success through personal branding. Are you ready to Illuminate your career? 

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