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Tea Leaf &Tarot Reader - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 109
Kelowna | BC | Canada
(3 reviews)

Tanya Lester, BA and master tea leaf reader, does tea leaf readings (note: When she does long distance tea leaf readings, she drinks the cup of loose leaf tea while meditating on the seeker/client and when the reading time begins, she 'sees' pictures in the leaves that open her intuition and in this way tells the seeker/client what ...

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Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Surrey, | British Columbia | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Spiritual Empowerment Coach Afrikan Divination Bone & Tarot Reader Reiki Master/Medicyn Womyn Psychic/Intuitive Workshop Facilitator

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Holistic Life Coach | Speaker | Reiki Practitioner
Atlanta | GA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Holistic Life Coaching you can work on self-actualization, work on re-balancing, work on releasing stagnant thought processes and habits, and work on redefining self. Discover wherer you are on this path, recognize and remove obstacles. ,and gain clarity for your current situation, redirect the path you are on as you listen to your yourself ...

Profile Photo for willow


Hamilton | ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I am a   Psychic Medium and Reiki Master offering guidance by way of clairvoyance and empathic abilities. I offer caring and proffessional guidance in all of life's matters It is my desire to help guide those in need and seeking answers tp provide direction and comfort. I also am able to connect with loved ones that have passed over ...

Profile Photo for mystictree


Spiritual Coaching
Poplar Grove | IL | United States
Confirmed Profile

Are you confused about your direction in life and need some guidance? Are you stressed out? Do you feel stuck in your current circumstances?  Let me help you find direction, beat the stress and get unstuck. I offer intuitive life coaching, spiritual coaching, meditation and reiki healing. I use angel cards and/or Tao oracle cards to assist you in ...

Profile Photo for lornaj


Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Holistic Therapist
Nottingham | Nottinghamshire | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Lorna is an experienced Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Holistic Therapist "I am passionate about making an understanding of Reiki available to everyone without complicating something so beautifully simple & pure" "The Mastery of Reiki is Simply Beautiful" LJL

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HPS&Master Instructor - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 113
Lakebay | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Rev. Dr. Victoria Lanakila Generao ("Lana") is an 18th Dan Reiki Grandmaster in the Usui System of Natural Healing and an ordained High Priest of the A&O Order of Melchizedek. Lana's spiritual journey has always been guided by her ancestral mentors since childhood, and especially since 1980.  Her metaphysical knowledge includes naturopathy, crystal grid work and encompasses a ...

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Potomac | MD | United States
Confirmed Profile

The Spiritual understanding how the mind, emotions, soul, and body works. Causes of dysfunctional intimate relationships Balancing energy center in order to clear the mind Reiki treatments in order to release repressed emotions such as anger, grief, traumas, fear, guilt, and more  

Profile Photo for starnine


Tarot reader / Reiki Master
Vancouver | B.C. | Canada
Confirmed Profile

I been involved with tarot and tarot cards almost all my life. Even though I did study art and design in college. I continued to learnand study tarot as well knowing that one day I would be a professional tarot reader. I read for family and friends who encouraged me to take it to the next level. And so I ...

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Reiki Master Teacher
Green Cove Springs  | Florida | United States
Confirmed Profile

For over twenty-five 25 years I have used the tarot, the iChing (ancient Chinese Oracle) and addiction recovery support  to help people find answers to the question, "What is my purpose and how do I go about achieving it"? I am a Reiki Master Teacher with the ability to effect the physical and spiritual healing that Reiki embodies. I am ...

Profile Photo for tearonalien2012


Battersea | London | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Hello my name is Paul Quinton, I am a Healer and Psychic based in London Uk. I offer a range of services from Healings, Soul Readings, Workshops, and Self Empowerment/Development Packages. I work in person or on skype. My mission is to bring people back into their heart consciousness and open up to their Souls path. To become fully ...

Profile Photo for divinelyty21


Healer/Teacher & Medium
Haddonfield | New Jersey | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a Spiritual Healer & Teacher and I love what I do very much! My gifts allow me to read thoughts, bodies, see energy, and channel healing guidance from your soul, guides, and angels. I use these gifts to illuminate the path to your heart’s deepest desires. As much as I love to channel messages, I love teaching you ...

Profile Photo for qholmes


Love/relationship Life/Reiki Coach & Speaker
Atlanta | Ga | United States
Confirmed Profile

My goal is to help you realize and reach your fullest potential. We will paint the ultimate picture of your life and develop a plan to make it your goals become my goals.  I like to provide my clients with coaching that feels like they are talking to a best friend they can trust. It's important for ...

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