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To respond to a client request on, follow the following steps.

1. Login to your professional account.

2. Click on "Respond to Clients’ Requests" button from your top menu.

From the top menu on your home page, click on “Respond to Clients’ Requests” to view all active client requests and respond to them.













3. Respond to Clients’ Requests

After you click on “Respond to Clients’ Requests” tab, it takes you to a page that shows all clients’ requests with the option to search requests and respond to them. Please see the next picture for details.
















  • You can view all client requests posted on the by scrolling down the page.
  • You can search client requests by category by clicking on the right category in the left top box headed “Narrow Results”.


a. Select the request you want to respond to and click on "Click Here for More Info" button

















b. Once you find a request you want to respond to, click on the "Respond to this Request Now" button located under that request.















***Important Note: Once you click on Respond to this Request Now the client phone number will be made available for you.  

We advise you to call the client right away.  After that you can respond in writing. The response rate is much higher when the client is contacted by phone. We recommend following up by phone 3-4 times if the client doesn’t respond the first times.

Once the "Respond to this Request Now" button is pressed you will be charged 10 credits.


c. Post Your Written Response

To post your written response to a request, please click on "Respond to this Request Now" button for that particular request. You will reach a page where you can respond to the client in the given box. You can also upload pictures, brochures and other files for client convenience and perusal. Once you have finished writing the response, click on the "Submit" button. The maximum size of the file you can attach to any message is 20 Mb.





















4. What happens after a Professional submits the response to a request?

After a Professional responds to a request, the response will be reviewed by one of FreelanceCoach's representatives.

  • If the response complies with the response will be approved.
  • Once the response is approved, a notification email will be sent to the client notifying him that he has received a response to his request. In this notification email to the client, we are included the following links:
    • one link to the Professional’s profile. In this way the client can check right away the Professional’s profile who responded to his request.
    • one link to respond immediately to the Professional
    • At the same time, the Professional will receive a notification email indicating that his response had been sent to the client.

* We are doing our best to review and approve all Professionals' responses right away. However, due to the high volume of responses it might take a couple of hours until your requests’ responses will be approved. Thank you for your understanding!

Important: Please remember that the notification emails are sent and received only after the response is approved by FreelanceCoach.


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In order to chat with clients you need to be login to FreelanceCoach profile and have the chat status set to active.

!Remember, only the clients can initiate a chat with you!


Please consider the following steps for chatting with clients:

1. Login to your FreelanceCoach profile

2. Change your chat status to “Active"

Changing your chat status to active can be done in 2 ways.

a)      Change the chat status from the bottom of the page:














b)      Change the chat status from the top menu:












3. Receiving an invitation to chat

When a client is inviting a professional to chat, the professional will hear a calling sound and a message like the one below will appear on his screen:














4. Accepting a chat invitation

Once the professional will click on “Accept” button the client and professional are starting their chat conversation. Please see below the look of the chat window for professional.






 ***Remember: this is only a written chat. If the client and professional would like to have a phone conversation, we strongly advise to keep the chat window open and have the “Hire Professional” button pressed by client. If the “Hire Professional” button is not pressed by client, the chat session will be free and the professional will not get paid.

As for the phone, the professional and client must use their own phone services to call each other.


***For your reference only, this is the look of the CLIENT’s chat window. Please note the “Hire Professional” button located on the top left on client’s chat.
















5. Stopping the chat session

The chat session can be stopped by both client and professional. Additionally, once the client’s credit balance is exhausted the chat is stopped automatically.

Please see below how the chat window looks for professional when the chat session is stopped.















6. Viewing the chat transcript

At the end of every chat session, you have the option to view the chat transcript. Please see below the steps to visualize the chat transcript after a conversation with a client.

a)      Login to your FreelanceCoach profile

b)      On your FreelanceCoach home page you will see the list of your session’s history.

After you decide which chat transcript you want to see, hover your mouse over the “Actions” link for that chat and click on “See Chat Transcript”.


If you have any questions please Contact us.

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Having a great profile on will help you attract more clients and therefore earning more! And is easy to do it too! Please follow the next instructions in order to update your profile on FreelanceCoach.

1.     Adding a profile photo

Adding a photo to your profile showing your face is mandatory. At the same time the clients will connect better with you when they see your picture.

To add or edit a profile photo please fllow the next steps:       

a)      Login to your profile on FreelanceCoach.

b)      Click on “Manage my profile” under the “Manage” tab.










c)       Click on “Edit” button under the profile picture.













d)      Click on “Choose File” button and add your profile photo. Click on “Next”.












e)      Crop your picture if you need to and click “Finished”.













2.      Update your Overview, Experience and Credentials sections

The “Overview” section is a very important part of your profile as is the first thing a client will see on FreelanceCoach about you.

What to include here: a summary of your experience, a key message for clients showing why they should work with you.

To update your Summary, Experience or Credentials sections please follow the following steps:

a)      Login to your profile on FreelanceCoach.

b)      Click on “Manage my profile” under the “Manage” tab.










c)       Click on “Edit” button for “Summary”, “Experience” or “Credentials” sections.












d)      Once you edited the “Overview”, “Credentials” or  “Experience” sections, click “Save”.


























3.     Update your Title or Chat Fee

To have a complete profile, please update your title and chat fee.

Please follow the next instructions when you are ready to update your title or chat fee.

a)      Click on “Edit” button in line with your username.












b)      After you edit your title or chat fee in the “Edit User Information” form click “Save”.


If you have any questions please Contact us.

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There are 4 ways to connect with potential clients on FreelanceCoach:

1. By Chat

Whenever you are login to chat on FreelanceCoach (set the chat status to “Active”), potential clients can invite you to chat. Remember, in order to get paid for your services you need to ask the client to hire you by clicking the “Hire Professional” button. For more details on how to chat with clients please click here.












2. By responding to clients’ requests

Once you are login to your profile on FreelanceCoach you have the chance to respond to the fresh requests posted on FreelanceCoach. For more details on how to respond to clients’ request please click here.







3. By email

Any new client can contact any professional through the “Send Email” button located on the professional profile page or on “All Professionals” page.

Whenever you will receive an email on FreelanceCoach from a potential client, you will receive a notification in your personal email you used during registration as well.












4. By buying a service package from you

Any client can buy any package from any professionals on our network by using PayPal.


If you have any questions please Contact us.

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(PRWEB) September 30, 2013

FreelanceCoach announces that they have obtained additional angel investors funds that will help them to develop website functionality and to do additional online marketing campaigns that will move the network to the absolutely new level.

How did you convince investors?
“Well, investors did realized that FreelanceCoach has a great potential, has enough of traction already, plus we have social proof and great team. It was a matter of time for us to find interested investors,” public relations manager Anda Tudor said.

How will additional investors’ money be used?
“This money will help us to develop additional functionality on our website, which will greatly improve the clients’ experience. We will be adding new phone system and improve out chat system. Additional online marketing campaigns will be created as well. All these initiatives will move the network to the new level. Soon, FreelanceCoach will become online leader in coaching, psychics and counseling services.” is a worldwide market place for online coaching, consulting, advisory, mentoring and spirituality/psychics services. The site is dedicated to helping clients all over the world be happier, healthier and more successful individuals as they gain better control over their lives.

We are committed to constant innovation and our network user satisfaction. All our professional users are screened and rated by the clients. Clients’ security and satisfaction are our highest priority.

Anda Tudor, Public Relations Manager

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The real causes of ADHD are still unknown. Researchers have tried to link the problem with genetic disorders or improper functioning of the brain chemicals though. A pregnant woman living her life on a poor diet or bad lifestyle can transfer ADHD in her unborn child. As stated by the experts from the well know National Institute of Mental Health, ADHD is a type of neurobiological disorder. The disease is already on the rise. If we go by the facts and figures revealed by the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, around 2 million children in the U.S itself and almost the same percentage of children in Canada are reported to have diagnosed with ADHD. 

Anyway, what we term as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is not an unmanageable condition. With willpower and a right guidance, you can beat the ADHD symptoms and start living a balanced life. We all know, life is never so easy. And with that in mind, you have to take it just as another difficult phase of life. Never ever think of holding yourself back. You’ve to keep trying and fight the challenges with some effective strategies. 

You might expect to experience an extreme level of frustration during this time. As people with this type of problem face trouble in following instructions or directions, organization, keeping track of a conversation, controlling emotions and anger, feelings like disappointments are bound to appear. However, we would like to share a few tips that you can try to implement and wait to see a difference:

Ask for Help From Your Best Companion

As the level of disappointment is bound to increase at this time, you need a mental boost. Tell your friends to send your alert messages or email you the scheduled tasks as a help. 

Maintain An Event Calender

It’s best to note down or mark every important task or event on the calendar. Use Sticking Note Pad on Bathroom MirrorThe moment you wake up and stand in front of the bathroom mirror to freshen up, you will notice the sticker and so the notes.  

Don’t Overstress Yourself

Don’t make promises to over-deliver. You should take minimum stress to handle your mood. 

Avoid Negative Energy

If you think the company of a few types of people makes you uncomfortable, get rid of them.  

Meditation for Anger Management

We bet you’re going to like it. It’s an awesome method to calm your mind and increase mental focus. It might take you some time to make meditation a daily habit, but at last you’ll see unbelievable results.

Set a Reminder in Your Mobile

Your aim should be managing things in a best possible way you can. So if you think a reminder on your mobile can help you perform the tasks set by their priority, go for it.   

Get Lots of Sleep

Sleep is very important for a healthy mind. A tired overworked brain can show symptoms of attention deficit or worsen the symptoms of ADHD.  Sleep also regulates the brain chemicals indirectly. So it’s important that you give some rest to your mind.

Never underestimate Your Diet

If you’re pregnant, take a special care of your diet so that your unborn child does not become a victim of ADHD. When you’re not on a proper diet, your mind does not get the necessary nutrients and energy and therefore shows poor performance level. 

Develop the Habit of Recording

If you think you often lose track of an important conversation during a meeting, use a recorder and record the whole session so you don’t lose the important details because of the typical symptoms of ADHD.    

Do you know what’s the best way to fight an unfavorable situation. To fight a problem or unfavorable situation, know it as closely as possible. That way you will at least know what are common difficulties that a person with ADHD might have to deal with. In addition, also try to learn the strategies or ways to best handle the situation. That’s of course the task of an ADHD coach. If you’re diagnosed with ADHD, ask your psychologist what are the possible symptoms one might expect in this case.

 An ADHD coach is an expert and has developed a specific skill set over a certain period of time. He/she uses his expertise to build the best coaching model matching closely to the requirement of the patient. A coach provides the life support that helps a patient deal with the situation in his/her day to day life and bring back some moments in life until unless the situation is taken care of permanently by a therapist. After taking a consulting session with a patient, a coach designs a certain course of action and the patient is asked to follow the pattern to manage their daily tasks. So, it’s best to seek the expert help of the ADHD coaches to live a balanced life. 

To your Success and Happiness!
FreelanceCoach Team.

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Stress is an everyday reality for us in the present times and life coaching can deliver a lot in helping us deal with stress. Today’s life is extremely demanding. What with workplace pressure, parenthood, commuting hassles, etc. our lives are constantly under stress from different quarters. It is therefore not unusual for us to feel pent up at times. However, stress is rather harmful when it becomes a continuous affair. A lot of the present day lifestyle diseases are directly a result of excess stress in our lives. Hence it is important to look at stress management seriously. In certain circumstances the amount of stress in our lives become too much to handle and we end up feeling lost. It is best to seek professional life coaching in such cases to help deal with the situation quickly and effectively.

Why do you Need Professional Life Coaching to Manage Stress

In everyday situations, it may not be so unusual for you to deal with stress and still keep going strong. We all deal with our stress at some level or the other. However when it becomes an integral part of your everyday existence, when it starts to badly affect your work and personal life, it becomes important that you let a professional handle the situation. In such cases if you continue to evade seeking professional help, the problem has every chance of getting aggravated and causing mental trauma or depression from inability to deal with it. International studies have shown that life coaching helps reduce stress levels (57.1%) and leads to a more balanced life (60.5%).

Essentials About Dealing With Stress

The basic premise of stress is anxiety and pondering over the past or future. It is very common to develop stress through pondering too much about what went wrong and how you could have probably stopped it from happening. This could be about discontinuing your diet, your exercise program, not being able to give time to your kid and so on.The continuous self reproach gradually weakens you and makes you feel bad about yourself for not having handled a situation better and also instills fear in you of your inability to deal with similar situations in future. Thereafter you start being anxious with how things might turn out in future and with passing time, the anxiety and fear might get a grip on you unless conscious efforts are made to shake them off. The easiest way to deal with stress is probably to dwell in the present and taking one thing at a time without getting too anxious about the “what if”s. However it is easier said than done when it concerns your own life, its problems and fears.

Life coaching sessions help you get past your regrets from the past, the anxiety for future and help you to focus on the present, thereby relieving stress. Hence seeking professional help is advisable when you feel that stress is becoming an everyday issue that you are finding difficult to deal with. Once you have realized and taken action by seeking expert help, the chances are very high that you will be able to get past stress issues pretty soon.

To Your Success and Happiness!

Anda Tudor, Life and Career Coach

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Who hasn’t tried sauna belts, gym membership, yo-yo dieting, artificial slimming methods such as slimming pills, body tuck in belts and even to the extents of liposuction. All goes to a waste of time, money and effort. Here is a simple to follow 10 days weight loss diet plan that is guaranteed to get you on healthy lifestyle track, you longed desired!

What you will need:

  • Treadmill /flight of stairs
  • Plenty of water
  • Fresh produce of vegetables and fruits
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Low fat food
  • Fish/meat

Everyday routine:

Moderate Physical Activity

If you are not a patient with high blood pressure then you should wake up early in the morning, freshen up yourself and go for 20 minutes walk in the park. Or you can climb up and down the stairs for the assigned time. Simply increase the duration of your exercise routine with every passing day. You can also do 15 minutes walk after lunch and dinner to loose some weight.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drink loads of water in accordance with your body weight.

Good Sleep

Don’t stay up late at night. Go to bed on time and take 8 hours of sound sleep. This will help you be fresh for the next day. And have food at least 2 hours before going to sleep.


Day by Day Schedule to lose weight in 10 days:

Day 1

Have fresh fruits that are high in anti oxidants like oranges, lemons etc. Both meals and snacks should be strictly fruits for day one.Fruits are more dense in essential nutrient and water and are less in fats; so, having them will help you loose weight.You can also make low calories snacks by making smoothies of your favorite fruits with low-fat yogurt. Drink a tall glass of apple or banana smoothie to gratify hunger pangs for a long time period.

Day 2 and 3

Eat all vegetables for these two days. As some of the vegetables that will aid you to weight loss in 10 days includes: eggplant, spinach, broccoli etc. A healthy cup full of glorious leafy greens, bell-peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes is an ideal substitute of fatty snacks and thereby help in weight reduction.

Day 4 and 5

For 4th and 5th days add 2 glasses of milk (once in morning and once in the evening) to your power packed vegetables rich diet. For snacks you can take a platter of steel-cut oats, long-grain brown rice, pearled barley, whole-wheat bread, etc.

Day 6 and 7

With your veggies you can add low-fat yogurt, one egg, beans, 2 plates of 250 g whole-grain pasta along with tomato sauce and fruit juice. A single cup serving of fiber-rich foods items like barley, pears, raspberries, and whole-wheat pasta will keep you full for longer time, thus results in weight reduction.

Day 8 and 9

On these two days drink vegetable soup along with two filets of any type of low-fat fish. If you want to have your soup from restaurant then make sure it is not processed as they are filled with calories.

Day 10

It is important to follow the above mentioned diet plan religiously and if you couldn’t do well, then you can always gear up for following ten days.


To Your New Slim, Healthy You!

Bethany Skeyhill, Wellness Coach

Posted in Wellness Coaching

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Thoughts are very powerful towards channelizing personal growth in our lives. Our thoughts are what makes us what we are, how we are and how our life is. They guide and shape our beliefs and convictions. If you wish to achieve something in your life, the first important thing to do is to believe in it and your thoughts are the most important tools that could help you do that. Each of your individual beliefs and thought processes together form the essence of your belief system and ultimately conjure up the story of your life. This is the reason that life coaching experts, who deal with life beliefs, dreams, failures and achievements issues of numerous individuals day in and day out, lay utmost importance on shaping of thoughts.

Channelize Your Thoughts to Fuel Your Personal Growth

You perform your life duties and responsibilities according to certain beliefs and perceptions that you have. You try to deliver them to the best of your ability and the way your thoughts tell you to deliver them. Whether it is your work, your relationship, your family or your passion, you are driven by your thoughts and perceptions. To make sure that your actions are fruitful and results in your personal growth you need your thoughts to be positive and also have strong faith on your belief system. The outside world might offer other or negative takes of what you believe in, but if your belief system is strong enough they will not be able to sway you from your path. You will keep on repeating to yourself about the positives of your thought process and belief system and the story that you wish to make out of it. The more you reiterate your beliefs to yourself, the stronger it becomes. Once you have a strong belief system it steels your mindset and helps you put in the action that you require for your desired personal growth.  It may so happen that you get influenced by external thought processes and suddenly start doubting your goals, your conviction, etc. It is vital to not be swayed by negative thoughts or opinions that weigh you down. If you find it difficult to get past the impasse for too long take expert advice of life coaching guides, they will help you find back the faith in your beliefs, fight the fear or apprehension of being yourself and following your passion and reinstall the confidence in yourself to pursue and achieve the personal growth goals you set for yourself.

Once you are strong with your thoughts, life beliefs and your passion to achieve what you want, there is no stopping you from reaching the level of personal growth you wish to reach. You just need to focus on positive thoughts, egg yourself on and keep believing in yourself.  It starts with you and your thoughts and if you manage to keep your thoughts focused, you will reach the zenith in no time.

To Your Success and Happiness!

Anda Tudor, Life and Career Coach

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At times we start accepting that we can do nothing much about our lifetime regrets and that is when life coaching helps us get past this phase of inaction and despair. We all have regrets in our lives and at times such regrets start overshadowing important aspects of our beings and lives. There are instances when we get stuck with ruing over something that we could not or did not do and the consequences that followed. These regrets start affecting our performance at job, our family and social life, our happiness and well being. It is useful to seek professional life coaching services in such circumstances to help us come out of the impasse.

Does Life Coaching Really Help?

International studies have shown that life coaching leads to more self confidence (52.4%) and a more balanced life (60.5%). Numerous people have benefited by seeking professional guidance at critical junctures in their lives when they felt bogged down with worries and regrets. It is not for nothing that coaching is one of the fastest growing professions the world over. Professional Life Coaching experts help you find the positives in your life and deal with your failures and regrets. Unless you are able to get past lifetime regrets, it becomes difficult to move ahead in life and take new chances for a better life. It is important that you see what you have and how you can make your life better under the given circumstances rather than constantly running after illusions and ending up with more regrets.

Few Things Which Help in Getting Past Regrets

Some of the most common kinds of regrets mostly have to do with “What if I did what I wanted to” or “I wish I had spent more time with my parents/children/family”. At times we run after material possessions too much and in the process end up giving up on our passion, our time with family and friends and in the process develop regrets that is difficult to get past. One of the principal theories of life coaching is to help you identify and do what matters to you, be it pursuing your hobby, spending quality time with your family or traveling. When you do what matters to you most, it makes you happy and minimizes the chances of developing regrets. Even when you already have regrets, coaching helps you see that you can still start to change things from the present. It helps you being more content with what you have, lets you follow your passions, enjoying your relationships and indulge your mind and soul to help you become a happier person from inside out.

It is only when you let yourself be happy without blaming yourself too much for the past mistakes that you start your journey away from your lifetime regrets. Life coaching helps you see the positives, accept your mistakes and prioritize your happiness, ultimately helping you to lead much more contented and blissful lie.

To your Success and Happiness!

Anda Tudor, Life and Career Coach

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