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Profile Photo for miller_mentoring


Mentoring Entrepreneurs & The Start Up
Vancouver | Canada | United States
(4 reviews)

As an independent, I have 12 years varied experience of which 9 years are as a dedicated full-time Business mentor with emphasis on leadership and strategic areas.

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Vancouver | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

My name is Wallace Murray and I help create successful businesses. I do this by using several proven systems, The Momentum Growth Training System for beginning entrepreneurs, and the Hot100 Best Practices Program for companies that are ready for some serious growth. Here is how I help: 1. I use powerful systems that work. They are proven and get results ...

Profile Photo for mccormick


Marketing Mentor for Entrepreneurs
Winnipeg | MB | Canada
(2 reviews)

 I believe we all deserve to have not only a successful life but a satisfying, enriching and fulfilling one. And I'm incredibly blessed to have found work that allows me to inspire others to reach for that as well.

Profile Photo for coachkaren


United States
Confirmed Profile

Are you a new coach who is wondering if you can create your coaching practice YOUR way and still be successful (ie, profitable and happy)? You can create a highly successful coaching practice with ease and joy.  You truly can make a living from something that is as natural to you as breathing. Whether you are still in coach training ...

Profile Photo for egSebastian


Business-Building & Marketing Coach/Mentor
Lady's Island | SC | United States
Confirmed Profile

Marketing & Client-Attraction Coaching/Mentoring Do you need help with creating and implementing a Marketing Plan that will ensure a Constant Influx of Clients?  Let me put my 20-years of Entrepreneurial exprerience (10 of them as a consultant/coach) and help you create a Marketing Plan that generates results. I help primarily with solo service providers and small-service-provider businesses. Here are ...

Profile Photo for corpjester


Chief Creative Coach
Toronto | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Professional coach, mentor and facilitator with over 20 years experience. Substantial experience designing communication training workshops for teams. Deep knowledge of Roleplay and improvisation applications for training productive conversations that reduce workplace stress and improve productivity that speeds time-to-market and increased customer satisfaction. Successfully serving a variety of clients in Telecommunications, College & Universities, Financial Services, Social Service Agencies, Media & Advertsing ...

Profile Photo for coachsandra


Professional Coach
Danville | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Sandra helps clients gain focus and create a vision that will capitalize on strengths to maximize business results and leverage the power of relationship engagement. Her strength-oriented and solution based methodology invites clients to discover their psychological assets to build positive relations and achieve excellence.  As a coach, Sandra embraces a discovery process that empowers clients to choose behaviors’ that ...

Profile Photo for Colin_Chodos


Sydney Australia | NSW | Australia
Confirmed Profile

Colin is a Director of ‘Corporate Connection Strategies’ and ‘Social Media Temps’. Established in 1992 Corporate Connection Strategies is a specialist consulting company that assists organisations with Business Intelligence, Change Strategy, People Development & General Recruitment.  Colin is actively involved at Executive level coaching, mentoring and implementing strategic business initiatives for various companies including multi-national organisations. Personal values:  Integrity, confidentiality, trust ...

Profile Photo for approachthecoach


Glasgow | Scotland  | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

I am a Qualified Coach / Trainer and work independently as a Business Coach, Social Media Trainer & Website Designer.  My clients cover both industries B2B or B2C.  I have been self-employed since December 2005 and I am an action orientated individual. I bring in CBT into all coaching as it's a proven way of ensuring the client sees results.  I ...

Profile Photo for todaysmiracles


Certified Professional Coach
auburn | WA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Shane Belceto inspires others and coaches you to be and do more. Loves anything and everything Mickey Mouse, working with teens and youth of all ages, leading and working on mission trips world wide, and energeticly skipping arround the globe while helping others. Shane will always be a kid at heart and puts his heart fully into all he does ...

Profile Photo for drdianeb20


Leadership Development Consultant and Coach
Westfield | NJ | United States
Confirmed Profile

Organizational Effectiveness and Performance Improvement leader with over 23 years of experience in coaching and mentoring leaders of all levels.  Possesses the following skills:  strategic vision, influencing key stakeholders, orchestrating resources to meet business needs.  High level of suiccess in building and maintating client relationships and developing performance interventions that exceed client needs.  Coaching areas of expertise: Leadership development coachiing ...

Profile Photo for michelechristensen


Santa Monica | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

I teach people how to package what they know into a profitable, sustainable solopreneur business that they can run from home without working all the time and without feeling overwhelmed.  

Profile Photo for coachbradley


Business Coach and Consultant
Chicago | IL | United States
Confirmed Profile

It has  been my passion  to coach, train and mentor  business professionals for over 20 years. I am an Internationally Certified Business Coach and Executive Coach. I am a proud member of the International Coach Federation. By using a decades long tested Methodology, I systematically assess my clients needs and work closely with them to develop a sustainable solution. Along ...

Profile Photo for thesanepsychic


The Sane Psychic
Walnut Creek | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Come talk to one of the leading trusted sources of clear guidance and inspiration, Joyce Jackson, Your Guide on THIS Side. In a chaotic world of relationships, family, career, work, finances, destiny and life path, you can discuss the most intimate questions you have with a calm, discreet professional. No magic dust, no crystal balls, just trusted, calm insight for ...

Profile Photo for chiragushah


Mumbai | Maharashtra | India
Confirmed Profile

I am a Chartered Accountant with 12+ years of entrepreneurial experience.  I have ventured into various projects and have been integral part of various start-ups.  Couple of projects which I was associated with got acquired at a valuation.   I am currently a business coach to a Company in Switzerland and couple of Companies in India.  

Profile Photo for esthercoroneldeiberkleid


The Clarity Mentor and Life Changing Coach
La Paz | La Paz | Bolivia, Plurinational State of
Confirmed Profile

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid, lives in La Paz, Bolivia.  She has a doctorate in Chemistry and is trained in TFH, PKP, EFT and NLP.  She has certificates as a Life Coach, Business Coach and Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Esther offers specific tools and guidance toward Clarity, Confidence and Self-esteem to men and women feeling they lost their “course”, w ...

Profile Photo for lmdunn45


Founder of A Sage Perspective
Newport Beach | California | United States
Confirmed Profile

  Linda has enjoyed 23 years of bringing out the best practices and productivity of women and men in the direct selling industry.  She worked with business builders who, with personalized, principled centered coaching, have enjoyed a professional and personal transformation. She is a graduate of the Direct Selling Woman’s Alliance Coach Excellence Certification program. She has been head of ...

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