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Profile Photo for devsingh


Executive, Business & Relationship Coaching
Sydney | New South Wales | Australia
(5 reviews)

Dev works with professionals and organisations, across various industries and sectors around the world, to tell and share their messages and stories with greater impact and influence, through consulting, coaching, speaking and training. Dev has spent the past decade studying and training under some of the world’s most prolific and successful leaders in entrepreneurship, marketing, influence and leadership. As ...

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Confirmed Profile

NLP Life coaching sessions will put you on the road to success. You will discover so much more about yourself, what you want in life, where you want to be and a whole lot more. Coaching sessions are offered in person, by phone or using Skype. Are you ready to: Build self-confidence End procrastination Eliminate negative self-talk: "I can't ...

Profile Photo for coachkathy


Solution Focused Life & Career Discovery Coach
Prattville | Alabama | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am Kathy Butler a Life/ Career Discovery Coach I work with new and experienced professionals going through life and career transitions who want to do work that they truly love, make great money, and have a rich, full life. Using solution focused methods, I coach heart centered entrepreneurs, and those who are working in less than enjoyable careers find ...

Profile Photo for cosi


NLP Master Practitioner
Confirmed Profile

> Help people set well-formed goals and achieve results  > Remove negative emotions and limiting decisions > Fast-Phobia Cures to remove paralyzing and extreme fears and phobias > Help break behaviors such as over eating, coffee addiction, teeth grinding, smoking, etc. > Help create new habits such as eating healthy, exercising, waking up early full of energy, etc.

Profile Photo for guelphadhdcoach


ADHD, Asperger's, & Life Coach
Guelph | ON | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Alina offers personal counseling and coaching services and leads support and therapy groups where she uses a wide variety of effective methods drawn from many therapeutic modalities, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psycho-Cybernetics, Hypnosis, Focusing, Yoga, a type of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for ADHDers, Talk Therapy, and Visualization. She specializes in working with kids, students, and adults going ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome ...

Profile Photo for mindcoach


Bend | OR | United States
Confirmed Profile

Warrior Mind Coaching is based in behavioral technology, which is simply a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior, and not a removed, scientific theorem. Our mission is to direct, facilitate, and monitor reach athlete’s positive mental development in order to fulfill their goals in competition and in life.Mental Strength Coaching allows the person to ...

Profile Photo for george


United States
Confirmed Profile

Thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. As a coach my work is guided by the belief that all meaningful and lasting human change must begin inside of us before it can be manifested outwardly, Every person has an unlimited capacity for growth, learning and change given the right circumstances. my coaching My life coaching practice draws ...

Profile Photo for jerryrich


Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner NLP
Chugiak | Alaska | United States
Confirmed Profile

Born in 1951 in a small farming community in Missouri, the product of a violent rape, with no record of birth, the odds of this new life ever amounting to much were slim to none. Adopted at age 4 to a highly dysfunctional and abusive family, the spiral continued downward until age 14 when he discovered alcohol, and a relief ...

Profile Photo for lifecoachalex


NEW YORK CITY | New York | United States
Confirmed Profile

Certified NLP Coach  Imagine living a happier life, feeling whole when you wake up in the morning, enjoying each and every day without regret or wondering, what if? Alexander Silva is a life coach who will guide and support you in all areas of your life to achieve the dreams you thought were impossible. Your Career Coach Unhappiness, stress, and ...

Profile Photo for papini


Milano | MI | Italy
Confirmed Profile

I was born in Florence in 1966 just a few months before the deluge, and that's a kind of destiny (and also a Jackson Browne song I love). Now I live in Milan and work worldwide and that’s been a rewarding choice since the nineties. I started my adult life working with non-profit organizations in the late 80 ...

Profile Photo for syb226


Reno | Nevada | United States
Confirmed Profile

     Staying in balance with body/mind/spirit is an important focus in my life. Helping others find that stability in their lives brings me joy.I thoroughly delight in working with others, particularly those who want to make a change in their current situation and are committed to manifesting their dreams.

Profile Photo for svwoman


Winslow Executive Life Career NLP Coach/RHy
Penticton | BC | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Well versed in the mind/body connection Debra is dedicated to helping people move toward achieving their goals and dreams be they personal or career. Debra provides her clients with vast resources for mental, physical, spiritual and emotional development.  Serving the Health, Wealth and Purpose of individuals and small businesses worldwide. Debra Formo specializes in Life Coaching, Executive Business Coaching ...

Profile Photo for sandrasieb


Fairlight | NSW | Australia
Confirmed Profile

Sandra Sieb is a passionate coach and facilitator with a unique mix of skills and background. Having been raised in Egypt, studied in France, started her career in New York city and now living for the past 8 years in Sydney, Sandra is quite experienced with change herself! As a former Management Consultant (Booz & Co, New York), Sandra understands the ...

Profile Photo for awhitney


Certified NLP Life Coach & ADHD Coach
reno | nevada | United States
Confirmed Profile

Because ADHD is a part of you and won’t go away, it is important to understand your challenges with it, and how you deal with the ways it affects you.  Working as a team, coaching helps to bridge the gap between your desire to initiate an action, and you actually performing it.  To succeed, you have to believe you ...

Profile Photo for mccahanjl


Career / Business Coach
Denver | CO | United States
Confirmed Profile

I am a career / business coach helping individuals identify their ideal career or job.  I use tools to help you make good career decisions.  You will learn how to leverage your strengths for the best career / job fit for you.

Profile Photo for ambroisia


Bois-des-Filion | QuĂ©bec | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Coach en Cohérence Cardiaque Naturothérapeute Maître Praticienne certifiée en PNL Massothérapeute et Maître Reïki

Profile Photo for coachinggo


Life Coach
Versailles | Ile de France | France
Confirmed Profile

I am a Certified Coach, member of the International Coach Federation, and I have been working for multinational companies for more than 15 years, at the operational level as well as at the management or board of directors level. I now support individuals and professionals, men and women, students, people in occupational retraining, expatriates,... to facilitate their change process and ...

Profile Photo for sexyoversixty


NLP, Life Coach
Toronto | Ontario | Canada
Confirmed Profile

Are you a woman who is in transition? Does your life seem to be at cross-road, with some decisions to make? You may be facing a career change, weight gain, peri-menopause, menopause and difficulties in your most intimate of relationships with your husband and your children. I can sympathize with you, because I have been there. In my forties I ...

Profile Photo for johnsantangelo


Speaker, NLP Trainer, Results Coach
Agoura Hills | CA | United States
Confirmed Profile

Perhaps like you, I’ve struggled and faced frustration throughout my life, trying to get ahead and make ends meet. I’ve done all the affirmations and self-development programs that were supposed to be life changing. The only thing that was life changing was the time that I was spending learning what to do but never how to do it ...

Profile Photo for hornet


Plymouth | Devon | United Kingdom
Confirmed Profile

Hello and welcome to my profile. I am an international coach, trainer, mediator and writer and work with both individuals and business organisations. I established ‘Kingsley Consultancy (SW) Ltd’, a consultancy and coaching company, in 2006 and now work with individuals and international business leaders in facilitating the journey to their own and business potential. My mission is to coach ...

Profile Photo for mugur


nlp-Resonanz® Coach
Bucharest | Bucharest | Romania
Confirmed Profile

I strongly believe that we have everything we need to succeed, and not only because the Bible and one of Neuro-Linguistic Programming premises say so, but also because this belief continues to get stronger with every interaction I have with my clients. And my role, as your coach, is to facilitate your access to your inner wisdom and knowledge.

Profile Photo for Alina


Coach @Joy4Succes
Bucharest | Bucharest | Romania
Confirmed Profile

Being passionate about life, people and the development of the potential that lies within each of us, I have chosen coaching as a means of manifesting this passion in a concrete form. Going my self through an extensive process that determined significant changes regarding my vision about the important aspects of life, I consider coaching as being the most appropriate ...

Profile Photo for kplimer


Director and Head Coach
Sydney | NSW | Australia
Confirmed Profile

Bluesky Coaching Sydney is a dynamic financial and life coaching practice whose vision is to assist others to reach their full potential and eliminate the unnecessary stresses in life. Whether it be short, medium or long term goals, Bluesky Coaching Sydney can help you break past those barriers that seem to prevent you from achieving them. Bluesky Coaching Sydney is ...

Profile Photo for Joseph_Takuski


NLP Master / Wellness Coach
Edmonton | Alberta | Canada
Confirmed Profile

International High Perfomance Mind / Wellness Coach and co - creator of the High Performance LIfe 3 day Workshop . I have helped thousands of people in the areas of motivation, loving realtionships, goal achieval, health and wellness, spiritual growth, over coming fears and phobias, mastering meditation and harnessing the power of your own mind. If you want to achieve some goal or ...

Profile Photo for mpetje


LMFT, NLPP, Professional Life Coach
Boca Raton | FL | United States
Confirmed Profile

Thank you for stopping by and reading my profile. Although I continue working with couples, my passion lies in helping people overcome stress and gain effective coping skills to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and chronic exposure to stress.My motto is: LESS STRESS – MORE PEACE.Are you finding yourself constantly on the edge and overwhelmed with daily tasks playing ...

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