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Beverly Wallin

Canada | Aug 8, 2022 | 12:02 PM Local Time


Beverly works from her home with an online business, while caring for her 7 -yr-old granddaughter.  She also speaks and does seminars for the public and for corporations in the areas of healthy lifestyles, stress, public speaking, and abuse.  She  works part-time as a counsellor at a Women's Transition ...



Coaching men and women to get rid of bad habits and develop new healthier holistic lifestyles, helping with career change, stress relief at home and on the job, and  helping with career change, Along with this I help people to develop self-confidence, to get over the fear of public speaking ...



-Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology plus an additional year doing a mini MA is Behavioral Change Psychology, Western Ontario University, London, Ontario, Canada

-Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, Adler School of Counselling Psychology, Chicago, Ill. USA

- Diploma for one full year of coaching training for health and ...



Username: beverly
Member Since: Jan 13, 2013
Last login: Jul 11, 2013


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