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"Could you imagine that someone can predict your love for cruises, baseball, and children? Yes, this is exactly what Marilyn did when we had our three-minute free introductory on Freelancecoach.com. She talked about my health problems and bad habits and exactly the way I suffer. Not only this, she rightly identified my business problems and offered solutions through the live chat. It’s great to see such an authentic palm reading psychic."

Estelle Hudson, Administrative support manager,
Happy Bear Investment

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"“You have a dozen cars.” This is what Jennifer told me during the first three minutes of free chat on FreelanceCoach, and she was right. I immediately clicked to learn more about what she saw in my palm. I was amazed to find someone with such a great palm reading ability on a network that doesn’t charge membership fees. She rightly predicted my stomach problem and eating preference. She also rightly read my love for beer, football & the odd gamble. "

Christa Wallace, Pedicurist,

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"Great to have Elizabeth Williams as my as my psychic. She predicted my health problem correctly. Many of the significant events she predicted while we talked on FreelanceCoach chat have also become true. She correctly read my past year’s relationship problems, love life, and family difficulties. Her soothing explanation and composed readings make me a great fan of her. "

Crystal Weir, Petroleum refinery operator,

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"Great reading! Excellent and exact details. I showed her the pictures of my would-be business partner, and the reading she gave me via chat was totally negative. She advised me to wait three months before cementing the partnership. After three months, I came to know that the man had a number of official complaints registered against him in a Latin American country. Thanks, Stephanie Moore, for becoming my savior and being available via chat every time I needed you."

Helen Norris, Netstars Matrix Design,
Website Designer

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"I don’t have enough words to write a testimonial for Rochelle Godfrey. A kind-hearted psychic who is completely non-judgmental in nature, she revealed more to me in three free minutes of chat time than any other picture reader has in one-hour sittings. I’m immensely impressed, not only with Rochelle, but also with FreelanceCoach, which has a network that’s so high quality that it includes incredible picture readers like Rochelle."

Allene Underwood, Supplies Manager,
Scotty's Builders Supply

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"Gene is unbelievable, not one thing he mentioned on our chat was unclear. The names were exact, and there was complete assurance from the first message to the last comment. He can read any picture and predict with unquestionable authenticity, and with easy access to him any time I need him through FreelanceCoach, we can connect any time, day or night. "

Jeanne Ervin, Administrative assistant,
Landskip Yard Care

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"Thank you, Hector Garner, for performing that past life regression on me. It allowed me to visualize and understand the events that are happening in my life today. You are the only occult psychic to have answers to my unexplainable fascination. I can’t imagine what life would've been like without your guidance, especially when I have questions that needed answering immediately, no matter what time of the day or night it is."

Daisy Leclaire, Social scientist,
University of Massachusetts

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"Catherine Thomason is a gifted, world-class spiritual advisor. I met her two months ago through Freelancecoach.com. I chatted for free with her for three minutes, and she revealed so much to me during those three minutes that I just had to have more. I would highly recommend this occult psychic to anyone who seeks guidance about any issues in life."

Terri Gilleland, Computer control operator,
Schucks Auto Supply

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"Jane Howard was able to cut to the heart of every question I asked and offered me judicious, helpful advice on moving forward in my life. I’m always looking back at her advice by rereading our chat logs on Freelancecoach.com. I keep being amazed at how much she was able to see. I’m so glad to have access to her around the clock via chat."

Debbie Samuels, Truck driver,
Netcom Business Services

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"Margaret Fuentes is the most gifted financial outlook psychic I have come across, and I can’t believe she’s on a network where there’s no membership fee! She is completely precise and positive, brilliant and, well... just The Real Deal when you talk with her on Freelancecoach.com. Her predictions about my business and financial past were incredibly accurate. I still meet regularly with her via chat. "

Kelly Warren, Food science technician,
Expo Superstore

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"Call Mildred Michael if you need help from a financial outlook psychic. I give her 5 stars for being truthful and kind and providing accurate readings via the live chat Freelancecoach.com. The thing I love about her the most is the depth in her readings. And the fact that I can chat with her any time I need to just makes it that much better!"

Michelle Tinker, Interior Designer,
Platinum Interior Design

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"I met Maurice Huggard through Frelancecoach.com live chat and told him my name, DOB, and the first letter of my last name. I easily connected him within the first three free minutes of chat time. Since then I have consulted him many times, and his predictions about my business and finances are more than accurate. I have come to depend on him more than market trends and analysis. "

Myriam Balog, Localization translator,
Sports Town USA

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"Dora Gottlieb is one of the friendliest and pleasant psychics I have ever met in my life. When I had a three minute free introductory chat with her offered by Freelancecoach.com, she told me about a few things that I could not ignore and got back to her within hours, thanks to the 24/7 live chat system on the site. I did numerological changes everywhere possible with her intuitive support, and my life just keeps getting better and better. "

Veronica Lyons, Educational consultant,

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"I rate Joan Smith 10 out of 10. She is a great human being first and a versatile numerology expert second. She’s very fun to chat with on Freelancecoach.com, where she does regular readings for me. I adjusted my name, named my son, and even changed my pets’ names according to her suggested numbers. Since I started consulting with her, our business has grown and we have become a great family. I’m so thankful that FreelanceCoach brought us together. It’s so hard to believe that I don’t have to pay membership fees for this service!"

Veronica Long, Corporate administrative assistant,
Magna Gases

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"A few months ago, Michelle Gray told me about the importance of the number 4 in my life. I was born on August 4. After had a live chat with her on Freelancecoach.com, I changed my name and address to reflect the number as per her advice. The result was awesome. I got the job on December 4 and met my fiancée after 4 weeks on January 4. Wow, what a super numerology psychic this lady is! "

Molly Cutting, Kichen Manager,
Red Fox Tavern

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"Besides being a gifted astrology expert, Jamika Christensen is honest, compassionate, and clear. The way she conveys the readings make you admire her intuitive powers and just fall in love with her. She is authentic...totally.... and a dear, dear soul very much willing to share her god-given abilities. Being able to connect with her via chat on FreelanceCoach.com whenever I need to has really changed my life forever. I never have to wait long for advice. "

Karin Green, Designer,
Matrix Design

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"David Blackwell is my go-to-guy for astrology. I bother him almost every week, and he answers me without any irritation. We have been talking with each other on Freelancecoach.com’s live chat system for the last one year, and I have never been disappointed when following his advice. Being able to chat with him on my own time from home has made it possible for me to receive guidance whenever I need it, and I never worry about private problems because I can tell the network is extremely secure. "

Joyce Perry, Municipal court officier,

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"WOW, Tanya Starkey is such a great astrology expert! I spoke with her live via chat on FreelanceCoach.com, and she was right about everything. I’m impressed that I could find such an authentic and trustworthy psychic on a network that doesn’t even charge a membership fee. I’ll be spending a lot more time chatting with Helen over the next several months."

Heather Montague, Job developer,
California Genoxy

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"Hi Hilary Williams, your career psychic insights held true! I was working in marketing and had no idea that I was heading down the wrong path. But as soon as I join administration after your career forecast, I achieved one success after another. Everyone was skeptical of my sudden career switch, especially when I told them that it was on the advice of a career forecaster. But now many of my friends have also become regular clients of Hilary through Freelancecoach.com. Thanks for connecting us with such an excellent professional!"

Kimberly Bartley, General manager,
Handy Dan

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"Thanks, Sandra Ruybal, for the predictions that led to changes in my professional life. The things that you predicted were totally unforeseen at that time. I was at ease with my job and not willing to change. But it went through a rough patch suddenly and a forced redundancy pushed me into a new career path, just as you predicted. Without FreelanceCoach, I never would have found you and been able to connect so easily because of how difficult my schedule was. Chatting from my computer at the office while I worked made the entire process so simple."

Ann Chavarria, Sociologist,
Jack Lang

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