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Cesar V. Teague

Trainer / Consultant / Performance Coach

United States | San Francisco, CA | Aug 8, 2022 | 12:40 PM Local Time

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Jun 30, 2013


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Cesar has a great mix of business insight/understanding as well as people skills. He brings a high level of energy to his work with organizations, whether its leading a training session in front of the room or leading an executive one-on-one in an office. He has high ethics and thinks win/win. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him for a future training or coaching project.
Fred Bunsa
at PraxisPartners, LLC

Jun 30, 2013


Feedback Comments:

Cesar has been an excellent Sales Strategy Coach for the past year.
Cesar helped me strategizing and leveraging Selling techniques for my team that resulted in an amazing attraction of new clients and business opportunities.
Luis Morazzani
Country Manager at Travelport

Jun 30, 2013


Feedback Comments:

Cesar's coaching was of great value for my work. A modern and personalized approach on his coaching allowed me to see fast changes on my daily approach to work on several fields as selling strategies, team work and presentation skills.
Massimiliano Buiani
Sales Manager Winemaking Products at Enartis Vinquiry


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