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                 van der Poel-
                 Business Strategy Consulting -


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Leon van der Poel

Business Coach - 1 (888) 331 9580 ext 120

Canada | Richmond, BC | Aug 8, 2022 | 8:43 AM Local Time

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Jul 8, 2013


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“Being coached by Leon is like being guided out of a storm with the best GPS available... Leon's calm, cool confident poise lead me into more navigable waters. His clear intent to align you with what is most important is his unique gift...and he will do it with a genuine smile on his face that comes from within... Through his unique style of questioning, new waters are explored...

Working with Leon has produced extraordinary results in my life and my business. He even introduced me with a couple of business contacts that open up amazing opportunities.

He is a thoughtful, grounded, insightful and inspired person whom you may absolutely trust to be there for you. He provides a safe, respectful, dynamic environment within in which you may explore your potential.

I highly recommend Leon ...he will take you on an incredible journey.” - Efrain Gerard
Benavides Emprendor Inc

Jul 8, 2013


Feedback Comments:

“Working with Leon over the past few years has been very beneficial. Specifically, we really appreciated the sales advice. When it came to negotiating deals with large complex organizations, with multiple stakeholders Leon’s advice and experience was very helpful. Leon also provided some great advice on sales forecasting, and general business advice.

I think Leon has excellent experience and a sincere passion to help others, and I highly recommend him to my colleagues and peers.” - Jason Lindstrom Tidal Interactive

Jul 8, 2013


Feedback Comments:

“I've had the privilege of knowing Leon professionally and personally over the years, and he's one of a few talented individuals who is gifted with energy, enthusiasm, motivation, highly effective goal management strategies, is able to get to the heart of any issue, and bring it all together and share it openly and unconditionally.” - Alex C


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