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Jami McDonald

Life Coach, Relationship Coach, and Career Coach

United States | Chandler, Az | Aug 8, 2022 | 12:56 PM Local Time

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Jul 16, 2013


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Very friendly and knowledgeable, I enjoyed talking to her. It was comfortable to talk about thing I don't normally talk to people about. Thank you for a great start

My certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts located in Tempe Az. included training in life coaching as well as hypnotherapy. I am also certified from National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists (NATH).

As far as experience, I was also a business coach/ Team Coach / Team Manager (Coach for Managers) for T Mobile for over a decade. In addition to my coaching experience I have worked for examiner.com as a writer delivering relationship advice to people since 2009.

I have been attempting to use the chat system at Freelance but have had no luck in connecting with anyone. Do you think these reviews and my certifications will help? I have multiple hours a day I can dedicate to this system if it produces coaching connections.

Thank you again for your help.

Jami McDonald CHt

Jul 16, 2013


Feedback Comments:

Jami is outstanding. She is professional and very nice and has spent quality time with me. She listens and is patient and has excellent advice and wisdom. I will continue to see Jami and recommend her to anyone who needed life assistance and direction.
Five star review from E Munoz in Hawaii

Jul 16, 2013


Feedback Comments:

Jami and I have been working together for several weeks on a weight loss management hypnotherapy program. I must say that it has evolved into so much more. Jami takes a holistic approach to therapy, realizing that the entire well-being is related to the individual issue. As a skeptic originally, I am now a believer. I have lost over 20 pounds, but more importantly I am on a journey of long overdue self -discovery. Jami's guidance has encouraged me to examine and celebrate ME! Something I have rarely taken the time to do. In addition to the weight loss I have all but eliminated prepared foods from my diet (yes-you have time to cook!), significantly decreased the amount of diet soda I drink and conversely significantly increased my water consumption. Most importantly I feel better! I am walking every day, sleeping well and with my doctor's approval have no more need for blood pressure medication. This has truly been a life altering experience! Give Jami a call you will not regret it!
Five star from C Chapman in Philadelphia Pennsylvania


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